There's not enough information here for us to give you an accurate estimated time. Are you DEP? Have you already graduated? When did you go to MEPS? I don't think the MOS you'll be training for effects training seats in BCT, but I could be wrong.

I know when I was in the DEP I waited about 8 months, but I had to graduate too. I left for basic training about a month after I graduated HS.

Hope I helped a little bit, just try to elaborate more, nobody is going to know anything unless you give them enough information to work off of Smiler

Either way, good luck and stay motivated.
The MOS seats does effect the shipping to BCT. Right after BCT you are going to AIT for your MOS, with not break in between, so if they don't have seats for that MOS they have to delay shippment to BCT. Is not like they will give you time off after BCT until a school seat is available to go to AIT.
Have you tested yet? If not there is really nothing the Recruiter can do except look at jobs based off your practice test score. If you have tested and it's not showing up on the system for your recruiter then it's probably not available.

Look at it this way, right now the Army is going through a down sizing, jobs aren't going to be just given out to whoever wants one like they may have been during the surges. You may get lucky and get MP but I'm almost 100% sure you won't get dog handler right out the door, if you get MP get to your unit and find out how to get to the school.

Your ship date will be based off each job so it will be different for every job that is available to you. Right now, where I'm at, most are waiting a minimum of 3 months to ship out. That's just the way it is right now. On rare occasions we have gotten people out of here with a month or so.

How badly do you want in the Army?
Originally posted by mulkeyowns:
I had to wait at least a month to be classed once I got to my AIT. There weren't in-processing problems either. They just had us in the same platoon as the guys that had already graduated and weren't going to the school house anymore.

Same here, HOWEVER, when you go to MEPS they can't schedule that "hold-under" time. They must pick "available dates" for the AIT, then schedule you for a BCT which ends right before the AIT starts.

We all know though how the best plans get screwed up. And so you get done with BCT and get to AIT and the class you're 'supposed to' be in is full or got cancelled...
Originally posted by Aaron Hurley:
More info on me
I have already graduated from high school
Not in DEP
Going to meps in about two weeks
Looking to do MP/dog handler
Going active duty
Want to leave asap

That last line will limit your choices. If you're more flexible you Might get the exact MOS you want. (IF you qualify for it and there are openings.)

When you're at MEPS have several job ideas, the more flexible you are the better chance you'll be in uniform.

They asked me what I wanted, I said "high tech and big bonus". (Bonuses are rare nowadays.) They offered me "Hospital Equipment repair", "Blackhawk (helicopter) Avionics repair", then "Microwave (radio) systems operator/maintainer." Completely different areas!! I picked the last one (I hate hospitals and a helicopter had crashed in a training accident the week before) and loved it from 2000-2009 when I switched to Warrant Officer.

Also, it's sometimes difficult but not usually impossible to change jobs later on.

Good luck!

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