Should I still be worried?

Well,I guess Im a bit of a worry wart.
But I recently took my 1-1-1 and My first 2-2-2
I Scored 21 Pushups 20 situps and 7:29 on the 1-1-1
On my 2-2-2 I scored 48 pushups 30 situps and a 15:48 on the 2 mile
Im just still worried I might still slack and all,Ill be going to fort sill the 18th of April,And i know I got plenty Of time I just Worry alot you could say.
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That's decent, I've definitely seen worse. Remember, the 1-1-1 test is a diagnostic tool. Depending on your age, the only thing that you failed was situps. Do them now before you get to basic, but I guarantee that your situps will be nowhere near 30 by the end of basic whether you try to improve now or not. Basic is too easy, just have fun with it.

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