i am going to be divorced in the next month or so. i have orders for germnay amd i am trying to get full custody of my son. i am trying to get any information if i can take him with me. i already know i will need a family care plan but i wanted any other info i might need. any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I believe that would be for the court to decide.

+1. Also, the military issue is separate in regards for the government to pay for your son's travel and for you to rate dependent household.

First of all, your son will need to be listed on your orders if you had proper custody. Also, when you arrive in Germany and your family is stateside then Command Sponsorship will need to be approved and for them to get a SOFA stamp to come overseas.

I will suggest that you engage your JAG office at your earliest convenience for more information.

Good luck.

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