Like the "InthearmyAG" said, he will get BAH, it will not go automatic to you. He is only require to support/give you a certain amount, and usualy is not the hole BAH. So if he can proove that he is supporting you up to that certain amount (like paying bills), he will not have to give you any other money.
And i don't know where he is station, but in some places, if a soldier gets BAH, he will not stay in Barracks, no matter what is the situation in the family. So, if he will be allowed to stay in the barracks, there is a good chance that he will loose BAH.
If he is paying child support and that is all that he is required to pay by law, then that would be all that you get regardless of the amount of BAH he gets.

What CrisTama said is true to an extent. He should be paying you, but it is not to support you. It is to support the children. Even if he does stay in the barracks he should still get a portion of the BAH to support the children also. He should not just lose the BAH for having to live in the barracks.
I don't have kids, and when i separated from my husband, legal told me that i still have to support him. The amount i had to give him was almost 3/4 of what my BAH was, i think is depending on your rank. Legal said that if i pay the rent and other bills that total that amount of money than i don't have to give him anything else. So, kids or not, as long as you are legaly married, a soldier still has to support his dependent/s.
About the child support, that is totally different story, that is set buy the court not by the army, and she has to go to a civil court for that not military.
About losing the BAH if he is staying in the barrack, that is all up to his command. Where i am right now, in my unit, if you want to stay in the barracks, 1st- you have to have a good reason for it, and 2nd- you will lose BAH. Now, when i was in Campbell, we had soldiers living in the barracks and still draw BAH bc the commander alow it, so they can send the money to the family. So, i guess is up to the command if they want to let him live in the barrack or not.
I wanted to respond because I don't like seeing people get the wrong answer. Everyone that answered so far is partially right. First off just as 68Rvet said you need to go see legal. It is the only way to know for sure what is right and wrong. But what I am about to tell you if you are unsure whether you think I am right you can check AR 608-99 Family Support, Child Custody, and Paternity. I know this because I am a service member with custody of my children but when I split with my wife I was deployed and she wanted massive amounts of my money so I know it from experience. basically the regulation says that the Army supplies BAH to take care of your family. In my case when I was still married I had 4 people to support my wife and 3 children. Each one is entitled to a chunk of my BAH. So before my divorce was final I had the kids I still had to pay 1/4 of my BAH to my wife because she was my dependant. As far as some of the other things being said. If the court orders $100 dollars child support and his BAH is $1000 he owes you $100. That is it the regulation states that the Army will go by whatever the court says because the Army has no place making decisions about domestic issues. Next if your ex lives in the barracks he is by regulation required to get what is called BAH DIFF. It is enough money to pay his child support. So if they require him to move into the barracks he will still receive that money. There is still a lot of things that come into effect. Those are some of the things I know. I know more if you have any questions ask but I find that the best answer is the Army regulation. Everything in the Army is ran by a regulation if you find something in writing the Army must abide by it period. Let me know if you have any other questions.Hope it all works out for you both.

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