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OK, here is the deal, I have been told I am going to the brigade soldier of the month board. Which I am excited about, surprisingly enough; however, I was told that all the questions will be strictly situational. Yet, I wasn't given much guidance as how to prepare. I am prepared as far as the knowledge from this study guide and as far as hands on with weapons and the like. However, I am naturally a little worried about the situational questions as I have never dealt with them at a board before. Is there any advice anyone could offer? Or, possible a place ot find some good info on sample situational questions to get an idea? Thanks for any help!
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My E5 Sergeant board was situational. E6 board had 2. Make sure you sound like you know the answer, try not to quiver, and answer as best you can. Say the question in your answer, which should give you a few more seconds. I was given a heavy dose of patrols, ORP's, and battle drills. Wish I could help you out more, and good luck.
Hope I am not too late to respond, or if I am, you won the Board. Think of situational questions as you do word problems in math. You have to figure out what the question is, and then answer it. Pay attention to the details of the question, and the answer will be easy.
I got some when I went to my E-6 board. Things like you have to counsel a Soldier who does not wear his beret correctly, what should you include in the counseling?
Sample answer: I would include in the counseling of a Soldier who does not wear his beret correctly, the beret will be worn with the band...
What, you thought I would give you the answer, study, SGT.

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