Hello, I am studying for the SAMC board and I was wondering if a few of you would post some of the situational questions you were asked during your SAMC board. (please dont post the answer, make me think a little bit.) Im sure more people in the future will get great use out of this conversation while preparing for the board.
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I'm looking for example situational questions for the SAMC Board. I will be sitting on the board and I am NOT a SAMC member. I have run many Soldier of the Month/Quarter and Promotion Boards but never a SAMC Board. I have been told that the questions for these boards are different than traditional boards and I'm looking for examples in the following catagories:
The Operations Process ADP-5-0
Unified Land Operations ADP 3-0
Code of Conduct AR 350-30

If anyone can help me out I would be greatly Appreciative.

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