For all future aviators. Snowbird status sucks. Especially if you didn't bring your family with you and you are staying in the barracks. Be prepared to be bored out your mind. Lol. Takes all of a day to inprocess Fort Rucker. Guess you have a lot more time to get things done that the Tech Warrants won't have time to do. Good Luck. Lol
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I was prepared for the most part when it came to paperwork and everything in the checklist. Make sure your checklist is signed by your commander. Make sure your 2808 is stamped. It's beneficial showing up early. The first 10 days are chill though. 0530 pt formation, we then have 0830 work call. The first day is inprocessing Rucker for all aviation. You have a few briefings then the rest of the week is relaxed. You have a 1400 formation after lunch then most likely they'll release you for the day. The biggest issue is once the techs show up and the class coming together as one. It's hard for people to let go of being an nco. They don't allow the person in charge to be in charge. I actually class up tomorrow so no more phone for a while. I'll update when possible. You'll probably be here by then
I reported in civilian clothes. I showed up on the Friday before all the aviators had to be here. You need your checklist, your 2808, orders bringing you to Rucker and they'll have you fill out some paperwork. Leave all your boot blouses at home. Can't have them here. It's a bunch of crazy little things you can't do. FYI don't volunteer for CCL, CCS, S1, S4, or standardization officer. Those jobs are terrible. They suck. It's not bad yet at all though.
That's good info man, thanks! I'm gonna be there in May. I report June 14 for in-processing. Do you have any products your class worked on I can use as a reference? (Additional duty list?) Wondering how deep the school goes as far as that...does each class have a SHARP, Master Fitness, etc?

So you're finished with Snowbird?
I'm not sure where the female in our class found the additional duty roster but it was spot on with the exact duties we have. One you gain access to go to one of the recent classes on there and you should find the additional duty roster. Our class is 14-501. Tonight is our last night of Snowbird status. We actually become a class tomorrow after the 0415 pt test. There's no sharp or MFT duty positions. Good luck and I'll be back on here before you report. I'll actually be on Rucker once you report.

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