Soldier Can't afford a haircut

I have this Soldier that literally has an excuse for everything. Well now, one of his favorite excuses is that he can't afford this or that. I have never told him to buy anything. But in some cases 10 dollars here or 20 dollars there is just more convenient. Its just another option on the table to spend your own money on small necessities so you can have a packing list completed on time. Anyway, it's to the point where I want to know what I can do to help this Soldier with his finances. Apparently he has to have a friend cut his hair because he can't afford to buy his own haircut. It seems like it's time for the Army to get involved in his finances, or at least I'd like to inform him of what the Army is capable of doing if it senses that he's financially unstable. Thank you for any help.
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Counsel the Soldier, have him show you a budget, enroll him into finance course at ACS.

Agreed. Make sure he is aware that he must comply with the haircut standards in AR 670-1.

Ive had a few Soldiers throughout my career similar to this one. The most recent one was a little different though. After a month of trying to get to the bottom of his problems I found out that his wife was a raging alchoholic and she was spending his money as fast as he could bring it in to buy more booze.

It's not always the bad Soldier, sometimes it's just the bad situation.

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