Soldier doesn't want to go to WLC

I have a soldier who is dead set on ETSing in early 2014 when her contract is up, and I have no problem with this. Her husband is in the Army and in the same company (different platoon), so she won't have to worry about needing a job.

My question is, my battalion is trying to send all E4s & E5s who haven't gone to WLC to the school, but she does not want to go since she is not going to get the rank of SGT anytime soon (due to points at 798) and is going to ETS in roughly 15-18 months. She wants to leave that WLC slot open for someone who is going to stay in for a few years, which makes sense to me. She is a 25P, never deployed (this is her first duty station), and we're currently stationed in Korea. She and her husband just submitted command sponsorship for their daughter and are going to AIP as well. This will make their new DEROS her ETS date.

My question is this: is the only thing I can do to prevent her from going to WLC giving her a bar to re-enlist for refusal to attend an NCOES? Or is she just going to have to suck it up and go?
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Honestly, I don't have the answer to your question because I am too lazy to search any regualation at this time to find the answer. But this is what I think

Even if she gets out of the military early 2014, that is still 2 years away, not 15-18 months. It's January 2012 now. A lot can happen both positive and or negative over the next 2 years. I have seen Soldiers set on getting out and reenlist at their last minute.

If your BN is planning on sending all SPC and SGTs to WLC, How is she taking the opportunity away from anyone else??

Is WLC 2 weeks or still 4 weeks nowadays? Either way what's the big deal? Especially if it's only 2 freakin weeks.

Sure, she is a mother, a wife and it appears the same rank as you but if you are a her Leader, then why don't you treat her like she is your Soldier and make an educated/experienced decision. Provide her with some guidence. Better yet some purpose, direction and motivation and paint the picture for her. Sure, right now she plans on getting out but right now she is a Soldier who needs to be getting ready for WLC. Some people just need a little boot to ass.
Send her! Whats the worst that will happen? She learns how to do something she didnt know how to do before she went? If nothing else it will help you by her bringing more to the table. I wouldnt hear her complaints personally. WLC is not a bad thing. Its a great learning experience! Dont fail that soldier because she wants to bitch about some good training.

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