Soldier Trying to Relocate, No POC

I am a reserve 68W in Louisiana, currently working on my IPAP packet. My fiance and I decided to go ahead and relocate so she can attend RN school in San Antonio. I cannot find a medical unit there. My retention NCO provided me with a number and unit name with slots( 7210 MED SPT Unit), but no one there answers the phone. If anyone could provide me with a POC for that unit or any medical unit in the area I would be forever grateful.
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Did you try SFC Payne: 210-808-0852?
She is the supporting ARCC for the 7210.

Other ARCCs in the area:
SFC Cunningham: 2102213618
SFC Gantzer (I've worked with him, good guy): 2102213618
SFC Torres: 2102957753
SFC Arriaga: 2102213648
SFC Gonzalez Sanchez: 2108080851

Those ARCCs will know proper POCs for the units there.

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