Some of these Soldiers ARE NOT cheating! Please read.

For those of you that think some of these Soldiers are on here trying to cheat on SSD, I IMPLORE you to actually read what some of them are writing. If you have completed all three modules as I have, you know that they are NOT cheating!!! (obviously some Soldiers will ALWAYS try to cheat, but in a lot of cases ones who are NOT on this forum are being locked!!)

Here is why, as I posted it in another thread (although it will get lost and not seen by many):

Originally posted by TheWiseChief:
Are you soldiers that thick in the head? Stop posting the questions to the test on this forum and stop answering them. That is cheating!!

Daddy Warcrimes has already edited numerous threads. Learn to do your own work.
Just FYI, I have a problem with cheating. I don't however have a problem with people working on answers that are clearly correct in the module but are showing up as incorrect.

For example.

I was doing one of these SSD modules, when it asked me a question during one of the tests.

I had the screen shot of the answer (well I had a SS of the slide from where the question was being asked) in question on the left hand side of my screen and the MC question on the right side. Without any doubt, the answer I picked was 100% correct. Yet these piece of crap modules marked it wrong. Even though the training course itself stated specifically that the answer was correct.

So I would support someone asking, "If the clearly correct answer ISN'T correct because of a MISTAKE made by the SGM course, then what IS the correct answer supposed to be???"

DW has locked several threads just like that, where a Soldier knows the correct answer but the answer is not being accepted due to a PROBLEM WITH THE SSD COURSE.

That is exactly what is happening here, and yet people are getting things locked. The issue here and other places aren't that people are cheating - it's that people aren't reading the thread correctly and automatically assume that the Soldiers are cheating. They are not. I know this from experience.

Imagine if the Army told you to advance in rank you had to complete SSD I (for example, my SQDN won't allow you to even attend the promotion board without it completed), and the ARMY/SGM's course asks you:

1. What is 1+1? ________________ (and you fill in the blank)

And you type in 2. And it tells you that you are incorrect. And then you type in "two". And it tells you that you are incorrect.

WTF are you supposed to do at that point?

This is an issue with the quality of SSD, NOT the Soldiers!!!

The only way I was able to get through some of the modules with clearly wrong answers was to do the modules over and over so many times that I randomly did not get asked the same question that had a problem with the answer!!!
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Agreed with 35m, some of the answers are a jumbled mess that make no sense.

I had to take a 2 week pause from the course because a module wouldn't load and they had to get the admin to log into my account and run a 'script' so it would 'unlock' it.

ssd1 and 3 later, I've learned nothing from the courses because the answers they challenge you to complete are not important in the least bit.


There are seven types of INSERT ARMY PROGRAM HERE.

Question #3-

There are seven ______ of INSERT ARMY PROGRAM HERE.

you put "types"


After guessing for half an hour, you put in METHOD, which does not appear in the entire slide and you finally get the correct answer.

Me = WTF? Face Palm.

From my personal experience from joe to warrant; I know about the problems when it comes to CBTs and how un-user friendly they could be at times.

I even experienced that with my required Action Officer Development Course that I needed to complete to get placed on my ORB so I can apply to the Warrant Officer Advance Course. The manner that I had to resolve the issue was to deal with the support information on the website and on WONET.

When someone starts posting the questions and choices on a website utilized by soldiers, and gives the appearance of seeking an answer to that question; that is why I posted that. Before I even posted my response, the moderator removed the post because a poster was all-out asking for an answer.

With the scandal of the ACCP website and correspondence courses; in which as a joe, I was guilty and wrong, I do not want someone to get in trouble as many people I know that did (e.g. passing out the CD with answers)

If they have a legitimate issue with the program; they should articulate it in a much more reasonable and understandable manner.

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