Soon to be Artillery Officer Seeks Guidance from Seasoned NCOs and Officers

My background up front-I am a SFC(P), I have 12 years in the Army all in the Signal Corps. I am a SATCOM guy by trade ( the guy that makes your morale calls and internet in theater possible)I will be commissioning in November and branched FA. Needless to say I have many questions so bear with me. Ok, here we go:

1: Seems like a weird question, but from a junior soldiers and a NCOs perspective, what makes a good FA officer. That is, what do you expect that person to Be, Know, Do, so to speak.
2: Probably best for the seniors but what makes for a successful FA officer?
3: What is the top notch assignment for this branch, what is the absolute armpit of the universe assignment?
4: What is the number one issue in field artillery right now?
5: What is the typical day/week like for the average artilleryman?

I appreciate honest and unbiased responses. I may come off as sounding a little retarded but believe me, in my field, Im what is considered "da bomb", however, I respect the fact that there are people out there who will depend on me to always be doing the right thing and I feel like doing my research early is a start towards making sure I serve the soldier to the best of my ability. Thank you very much for your time and patience.
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Coming from a smos 13D...

1: Know your job well, make sound decisions
2: Know and understand Artillery itself in detail just not your specific mos.
3: Top notch, not sure still looking. Worst 3ID!
4: Communications!
5: PT run, run, run; Motorpool commo check, commo check, commo check

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