SPC counseling nco?



The CORRECT procedure is to inform that NCO's failure to follow through on a task. Let that NCO's supervisor handle this.

It is NOT a junior Soldier's place, regardless of position, to dicate or correct an NCO for "not completing an assignment on time..."

Additionally, one must also take into account what other responsibilities this NCO had. Perhaps there was a reason for this "failure"

" Excuse me, SGT/SSG/SFC (?), I noticed you didn't complete the task I gave to you a <insert time frame here> ago, is there a reason for this? If possible, would you be able to complete this by <insert time frame here>

That's how you should handle it.
LOL is this a serious question? I think I will counsel the CG because he didnt show up to his golf scramble after pay day activities. If a SPC came to me saying he was going to counsel me, I would probably lose my $hit and punch him in his face. This is seriously a dumb a$$ question. Think before you ask such an asinine question!

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