specialist and corporal


I thought you are in the Army Reserves, so why did this question pop up?

This question will not be found in any regulation (similar to a do you know where you get to the DFAC type of question) but perhaps found in a unit policy letter.

Since Corporal is an NCO rank, perhaps the unit wants to separate their NCOs from the non-NCOs (junior enlisted). I will engage your chain of command on this.

I am in the Resrves, but Im at a reclass school for 92W and there is 1 SSG, 2 SGT's, 1 CPL, 7 SPC's and 1 PV2. The SSG failed out of DS school and had to get reclassed into something else So his unit slotted him on the 1st available school date mos. Well obviously the instructors (an e8 and e7) make the SSG the class leader and well me and the CPL (prior service marine) go to the the gym together and chow And are pretty much on the same schedule so we asked about being roomates and the SSG got pissy and was like blah blah blah, I will pull the fucking reg out. I've been in going on 7 yrs and never seen this regulation, my roommate in Iraq was a Sgt and i was a Spc..

I just wanted to make sure I was right.

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