ok like no one can answer this for me. i want to do split option training so i can return to school and play softball. i am a junior. and like everyone keeps telling me if i do it the day i graduate school i will be leaving within the next few weeks. I am confused and i need to be straitened out someone help please..
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Just a personal opinion here:

Don't do spilt-op training. Get it all done at once. The reason I say this is because you go to Basic, and get all your basic Soldiering skills. Then you go home and live like a civilian for a year. When you go for your AIT portion, you have forgotten most of what you learned in BCT regarding being a Soldier. Your learning curve will be steeper.

As for when you leave for BCT... Well that will depend on when there is a slot for you to go. Only your recruiter and/or MEPS can give you that information. Don't listen to people who are not involved in your situation, and don't know what they are talking about.

Going to Basic Training is a scary thing, and even though I went at age 36, I was still nervous. But it's not as bad as you will think it will be.


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