Sponsor to a Soldier going to the Board

The sponsor introduces the soldier to the members of the board and tells them why the soldier should be promoted/be soldier of the month/etc. During the board, take copious notes to help the soldier for the future, for example, what he did well and what he can improve on.
Your actions as a sponsor will vary on how much your CSM wants to mess with you and how well your soldier does. You do enter prior to your Joe and the CSM will take it from there. He can go from just telling you to sit in the back cause they are running out of time to inspecting your leaders book for the last update. Once your troop enters you will just hang in the back and take notes on his performance. If he starts missing a lot of questions YOU may be asked them (have seen this more then once). If he really, really, sucks and gets kicked out, be ready to stay behind and get a good ass chewing for bringing him there in the first place.

The entry procedures tend to vary a bit so you will want to clarify them before hand. Usually everyone will be pulled in prior and briefed by the president, but if this is left out just grab someone.

During my E5 board, my sponsor was asked first, did she assist me in studying? Then I was brought in. I was asked the same thing by the CSM. The CSM then told my sponsor, if she got a question right, I could leave. She didn't get it, so I stayed. Thankfully, she was/is well known as being a squared away NCO, so that helped. Just my .02 cents, since I saw armysarge72 mention the sponsor getting questions asked..it does happen..
Thank you all. I appreciate your input. I actually had my Soldier's board yesterday. I was told to sit and briefly introduce my Soldier. Then she was called in and did the whole "Spiel". Didn't go too bad, but not too good either. Unfortunately we found out a week prior that she goes to the board. Last minute stuff. Anyways, all in all great experience.
Originally posted by WGPSGT:
This is very good information to know but I still dont know If I need to march in there as if I'm the one going to the board and salute the President of the board and report in too him?

You're not the one reporting to the board so marching and saluting should not be required. However, check with your units specific proccedures.

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