SRB time frame now?

This is a general question, How long does it take usually the time frame when I re enlisted and the time when I should see the bonus being paid out and see it on mypay? I know I would like to give it time to process but usually how long does it normally take?
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Swing by finance and ask them to check the pay system for your bonus. They can see if it already paid out, or when it is scheduled to pay out. I would check with them anyway to make sure the system shows you are getting a bonus. If the system is not tracking the bonus, you may have to go talk to your re-enlistment NCO with a copy of your contract.
Since you are TPU USAR, different rules apply. The term SRB generally refers to active duty bonuses (RA and AGR).

You will be authorized payment no earlier than the effective date of your contract as described on the DD 4/1 item 8 b. The process should be automatic provided the contract was executed correctly, it is uploaded and approved in RMS, and your ETS has been updated. We consider 1 month to be the maximum acceptable delay in payment.

When DFAS receives it for pay, your name will show up on the reenlistment tab at https://usarcintra/dcscompt.ww...RMSbonusesforweb.htm (LAN access required).

If you don't receive payment in a timely manner, don't go to your unit or finance. Your career counselor will process the bonus inquiry.

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