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Im stuck in SSD 1, when i finish a lesson and exit it, it will not update that ive completed it. Ive tried it on multiple browsers such as Google Chrome, IE10, IE9 and IE8. None of them work. I've also made sure my pop-up blocker and firewall are off and ive deleted all my cookies. None of this works.
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I am currently a SGL at a WLC. I have students that come every month and their records do not update showing that they graduated SSD 1. What you need to do is submit a help ticket from the website stating the specific lesson and module. What the administrators of the site will do is either close out the lesson for you showing complete, or unlock it so you can complete the course.
With SSD IV, I had issues with the lessons not saving progress. I'd complete half of it, log out, and when I came back I had to start over. My remedy was to complete the entire lesson.

The only time I had to call the help desk was when I completed module 1, but the system had me marked as failing so I couldn't go on to module 2 (or retake the module 1 exam).
I'm having the same issue, I have completed all of the lessons in module one but only 3 of them marked complete, so I can't move on to the exam. I've tried clicking help on the top of the site but I only get files I cant open. I'm really lost on how to fix this issue!
I found this solution by accident, trying everything and everything on my personal pc. It worked for me and a bunch of people in my unit.

Go to the lesson that is not updating, when the lesson window pops up it might ask you to fast forward to your most recent point. Click "NO". Start the lesson from the beginning, as you click Next through the slides it will act differently, skipping lesson sections that apparently show up in the system as completed by you. When you have completed the lesson to the very end, click on the prompt that tells you to go ahead and exit the lesson window. When you exit the lesson this time, it should refresh your lessons and show it as completed. Do this for all of the lessons that you have completed but still show up as incomplete.

I hope this helps!

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