SSD level 1 mod 3 NCO's in retention

Has anyone else had issues with this mod. I am on slide [] whihc asks the question
Youre suposed to pick the correct answers but according to thier slides all of them are correct. This same question is asked in two previous slides and some of these are used in the previous slides. I'm stuck and going nuts trying to figure out what is going on.
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SSD sucks in general. There was one test (I forget which one and I forget the specific questions asked) where I had a screen shot of the slide with the correct answer on the computer next to me, word for word. I selected the correct answer and it said I was wrong. I wanted to throw the goddamned computer out the window.

SSD is a giant un-tested piece of shit that looks like it was put together by a bunch of third graders learning to use HTML for the first time and never tested by anyone to determine if it actually works. Typical Army IT crap.

They expect me to judge people in my platoon for promotion based on this flawed and junk system, and yet they have typos, errors, and incorrect answers in their own system. What a joke.

Just for the record I've completed SSDs I, III, and IV.

And since I'm an Army leader, I'm going to propose the only solution possible - completely suspend usage of SSD until it has been tested by people that know what they are doing with code, listen to feedback provided by Soldiers, and FIX ALL THE ERRORS!!!
mwhat i got fom the SSD courses that i have compelted (1,3, and 4) is that.. dont spend time trying to learn the material. It is just a "check the box" training.

i blew through all the courses within about 2 to 3 weeks while buddies of mine struggled to get through just one, because they spent so much time trying to learn everything.

ALC P1 is the same way.
Also, this article was in the ArmyTimes so relax

rmy delays making SSD a must for NCOs

By Jim Tice

Good news for noncommissioned officers: The Army has delayed implementation of a policy that will make the online Structured Self-Development courses a requirement for NCO Education System attendance.

Under the service’s schools-for­stripes strategy, NCOES courses are required for promotion to staff sergeant and above in the active and reserve components.

The Army began the phased implementation of Structured Self-Development two years ago and, until recently, had planned to make the levels of SSD prerequisites for NCOES attendance beginning Oct. 1, the start of fiscal 2013.

That deadline has been scrapped, and new prerequisite effective dates will be implement­ed incrementally throughout the fiscal year and into 2015.

“We decided to move the prereq­uisite date back a few months to work out connectivity issues sol­diers are having when accessing the server,” Sgt. Maj. of the Army Raymond Chandler told Army Times on Aug. 17. “Even though the prerequisite date is now April 2013 for SSD-1, it is an important part of a soldier’s lifelong learning and I expect soldiers to continue taking the modules when they can and leaders to afford soldiers time to do so.” Under the revised schedule, SSD-1 will become a prerequisite for Warrior Leader Course atten­dance April 1.

SSD-1 primarily is populated by privates, privates first class and specialists who were enrolled in the course upon completing initial entry training. Soldiers must com­plete the WLC to be eligible for promotion to staff sergeant.

There is no SSD-2 between the WLC and the Advanced Leader Course, the next tier of NCOES. However, the common core phase of ALC, which is delivered via dis­tance learning, remains a require­ment for Advanced Course atten­dance. The Advanced Course is a requirement for sergeant first class promotion consideration.

SSD-3, a course primarily popu­lated by sergeants, staff sergeants and sergeants first class, becomes a prerequisite for Senior Leader Course attendance June 1.

The Senior Course remains a requirement for master sergeant promotion consideration.

SSD-4, a course attended by pro­motable staff sergeants, sergeants first class and master sergeants, becomes a prerequisite for the Sergeants Major Course.

Graduation from the resident or nonresident Sergeants Major Course is a requirement for pro­motion to sergeant major.

SSD-5, the senior tier of Struc­tured Self-Development, will be a requirement for assignment to nominative sergeant major posi­tions beginning Jan. 1, 2015.

The delay in effective dates will allow more soldiers to complete the appropriate level of SSD before moving on to the next rung on the NCOES professional devel­opment ladder.

Each of the SSD courses requires 80 hours of study, and sol­diers have three years to complete each level.

While the Army began imple­menting SSD in October, partici­pation has been lower than expected, training officials said.

Soldiers also have complained about the difficulty in registering and accessing the online system.

This year, Chandler expressed his concern about the level of par­ticipation in SSD at the quarterly SMA board of directors meeting.

Chandler said it appeared that senior NCOs and other leaders were not educating their soldiers about SSD.

Chandler later said the Army has seen improved success in the Warrior Leader Course by soldiers who have completed SSD-1.

“This is an up-or-out system,” Chandler said. “When you stop moving up, you are eventually going to move out.” He said it is critical for senior NCOs to support SSD and make sure their soldiers have adequate time to complete their studies. □ See the chart showing the sequence of SSD courses and requirements
Originally posted by TheWiseChief:
Are you soldiers that thick in the head? Stop posting the questions to the test on this forum and stop answering them. That is cheating!!

Daddy Warcrimes has already edited numerous threads. Learn to do your own work.
Just FYI, I have a problem with cheating. I don't however have a problem with people working on answers that are clearly correct in the module but are showing up as incorrect.

For example.

I was doing one of these piece of shit SSD modules, when it asked me a question during one of the tests.

I had the screen shot of the answer in question on the left hand side of my screen and the MC question on the right side. Without any doubt, the answer I picked was 100% correct. Yet these piece of crap modules marked it wrong. Even though the training course itself stated specifically that the answer was correct.

So I would support someone asking, "If the clearly correct answer ISN'T correct because of a MISTAKE made by the SGM course, then what IS the correct answer supposed to be???"

DW has locked several threads just like that, where a Soldier knows the correct answer but the answer is not being accepted due to a PROBLEM WITH THE SSD COURSE.

That is exactly what is happening here, and yet people are getting things locked. The issue here and other places aren't that people are cheating - it's that people aren't reading the thread correctly and automatically assume that the Soldiers are cheating. They are not. I know this from experience.

Imagine if the Army told you to advance in rank you had to complete SSD I (for example, my SQDN won't allow you to even attend the promotion board without it completed), and the ARMY/SGM's course asks you:

1. What is 1+1? ________________ (and you fill in the blank)

And you type in 2. And it tells you that you are incorrect. And then you type in "two". And it tells you that you are incorrect.

WTF are you supposed to do at that point?
to the wise chief
In this particular question the answers are wrong. There are 1-6 answers, you must pick several to get the overall answer correct. The presentation clearly shows option #1 as a correct answer and I forgot which one of the other options as incorrect. Either way this is a clear SSD error. But to answer your question I am thick in the head and this is not cheating!
What's pathetic is Soldiers have to "cheat" just to get the incorrect answer marked as correct.

Yet we are supposed to use these courses as a baseline for our NCOs. Also according to something I also saw, they will be worth college credit later?!?


I have nothing good to say about these courses except that I'm done with all the ones available so I don't have to nerd rage every time it stops working, or makes me choose an incorrect answer to advance, or whatever else.

I resent DA and the SGM's academy for making me look like an idiot leader, as well. Meaning, I have to "sell" these courses as valid to my Soldiers. My Soldiers aren't idiots. When they complete the course and go through all the issues I know they will go through, they are going to think back and think about how I promoted the courses.
i wouldnt go as far to say that these Soldiers, or any Soldiers are/can cheat on the SSD courses... it is a open book/browser course.

so if it is open book/browser.. can you really cheat?

If you are taking screen shots of answers, that would be a form of cheating as well.....

Honestly, how i did the course was open the SSD up in mozilla, and open up Internet Explorer. the reason for this is if you open the SSD course in IE, it wont allow you to copy the questions, where as Mozilla will allow you to copy the question. copy and paste it into IE to look up the answer or article that you can find a better explantion for the answer.

alot of the questions can be answered with just common knowledge
Look, here's the deal:

Posting the answers in open forum facilitates cheating. This is contrary to the Army Values.

If I continue to see it, I will continue to edit comments and ban users.

I don't care if the courses are NMC. The appropriate place to address this is with the course maintainer, or your unit leadership.

Technical issues are fine. Bitching about the problem is fine. Circumventing the course through posting answers (or requests for answers) is a no-go.
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