standing at attention in building during retreat

ok so is it right or wrong to stand at the position of attention inside of a building while on duty in uniform when retreat is played at wlc in bliss you were told to and i even think i have saw the reg stating that but i can not find it now opinions?
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Even if its wartime and your in a building getting shot at? or did i get that wrong?

You know there was that time when a mortar round landed right outside my trailer and I had to haul @$$ to the bunker, but I forgot to in my PT shirt before leaving my trailer. I felt so bad that I had to smoke myself afterwards.
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SSG Blalock,
That reference is for ceremonies not for everyday work and retreat is playing

you clearly failed at this station
1. lack of paying attention to details
- the post you are referring to is almost 9 yrs old

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