I am currently stationed in Schweinfurt, Germany and we do not have a SAMC chapter here currently. I have spoken with a few of the other SAMC members here and we are looking to start our own chapter. Our issue is where to start and what to do. Any guidance that can be provided would be deeply appreciated!
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I can mail you a DVD I give out to SAMC members. I've doing this since 2002. The DVD contains avery document you'd need to start up a SAMC chapter. Included are samples of BN/BDE/Garrison/Post MOIs, Board Scoresheets, appropriate TRADOC and FORSCOM regs, Chapter By-Laws, Treasurer Reports and Bank Account info, Roberts Rules of Order, a timeline of what needs to be accomplished and in what order, TDY trips to Greenville (Texas) for the Annual Audie Murphy Days and a ton of Audie related photos and graphics.

Just about every document is either in a Word or PowerPoint format, for easy editing/updating.

Just send me your snail mail address and I'll send you a copy. This goes for anybody out there. My email address is: george.keck@yahoo.com

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