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Hello I recently went for a meps physical and came out with a status J TDQ for my dental implant process not being completed.

I started the process with the national guard and during the process my wife agreed going active duty may be better for all of us. Anyways, I went to an Army recruiter and started things with them but they advised they can't do any thing to start the process because of the TDQ with the Guard.

I am looking for help on where to go from here, I've got a letter from my dentist (prior VA dentist) that states I should be good to continue with the enlistment process. I know with the guard there is no delayed entry program so that may be the bigger issue, but the DODI and Army medical standards state I should be eligible for delayed entry status with the Army.

Is there any way I can get this changed so I can continue with the enlistment process with the Army? My dental work is going to be completed soon but I would like to enlist, select my job and ship date now rather then waiting two more months if possible.

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I'm assuming you're a dental class 3 and non-deployable with your current condition. The Active Army won't take you until this is resolved, the same as you not being able to reclass, go to school, etc.

Having a letter from your dentist also will not have an impact. It has to be resolved prior. The military doesn't want to take on any medical/dental concerns that affect your readiness.

Are you currently in the National Guard or in still in an Initial Entry status?
I am waiting for the crown or final restoration process to be completed for the implants which is some thing I started and would finish before leaving for Army. It will be completed in January.

From what I have ready I should be able to enter the delayed entry program and be okay as long as my work is completed before shipping out.

I am not in the National Guard, just started the process of enlisting so I think that would be initial entry status. I completed the asvab and my family agreed we should consider going active duty. So rather then start all over I continued with my medical screening through the guard and started my online application with the Army during that time.

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