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I'm going to assume that this would be the place to post a Cav related question (here in the Armor forum) since there's no cavalry forum. Makes sense.

I know that spurs can be acquired through a Spur Ride. I also know that Scouts are authorized wear of the Stetson cav hat. I have a question about attaining it, though. I'm a brand new scout, formerly a tanker, and I'm in a new UA for the WVARNG, so I'm not too knowledgable on cav tradition yet, though I know lots is the same as Armor (I mean, it's like the father of armor, yet armor is Anyway, I know that the Stetson wear is authorized for enlisted soldiers according to everything I've been able to find, and a Spur Ride and no other requirements are accompanied with its wear (at least from what I've been able to find). My main question is, though everything I've said says that enlisted scouts can wear the Stetson, are there any other requirements and does this apply only to NCOs or all enlisted soldiers?
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It goes like this man, you can wear the Stetson without going on a Spur ride but do you really feel like you earned it? There are 2 ways to earn your spurs and stetson, and those are going to war with A CAV UNIT and going on a spur ride. I personally will not wear my stetson until March when I deploy and earn it the right way.
No, these two are completly different.

AR 670-1, Chapter 28-17, pg. 246 and Appendix F, pg. 336:

28-17. Shoulder sleeve insignia-former wartime service (SSI-FWTS) (aka: Combat Patch)
a. General. Authorization to wear a shoulder sleeve insignia indicating former wartime service applies only to soldiers who are assigned to U.S. Army units that meet all the following criteria. Soldiers who were prior members of other Services that participated in operations that would otherwise meet the criteria below are not authorized to wear the SSI-FWTS. Wear is reserved for individuals who were members of U.S. Army units during the operations.

(1) The Secretary of the Army or higher must declare as a hostile environment the theater or area of operation to which the unit is assigned, or Congress must pass a Declaration of War.

(2) The units must have actively participated in, or supported ground combat operations against hostile forces in which they were exposed to the threat of enemy action or fire, either directly or indirectly.

(3) The military operation normally must have lasted for a period of thirty (30) days or longer. An exception may be made when U.S. Army forces are engaged with a hostile force for a shorter period of time, when they meet all other criteria, and a recommendation from the general or flag officer in command is forwarded to the Chief of Staff, Army.

(4) The Chief of Staff, Army, must approve the authorization for wear of the shoulder sleeve insignia for former wartime service.

ALSO ....

a. There is no time-in-theater requirement to be authorized to wear the SSI-FWTS
stetson stetson stetson....damn cowboy hat causes so much drama!! From all ive seen there is only one regulation that covers the wear of the stetson and spurs ie size color tradition and all that, its located in the first cav museum. contact the curator for details he can fill you in. yes you CAN wear a stetson without earning spurs, and at any rank, no you dont have to wear a black cord if not an NCO. But remember you can only wear it if authorized by your unit. Every CAV unit i been in you arent wearing it unless you earned your spurs somehow, its just part of it stetson and spurs they go together ya know? CAV tradition. Dont try to wear your cowboy hat at something that is not CAV...its just a bad idea, its looked down on by the other branches and is a good way to get hemmed up! pretty much because its unauthorized by current Army regulation, but is authorized by unit Commanders of CAV units because of the tradition and the history behind us CAV troopers. and as for your question Dental chick.....sure ill wear my stetson anywhere i want! lol
I agree with Supermac! If you haven't earned them on a Spur Ride don't embarrass yourself and wear either the Spurs or Stetson. And I hate hearing that oh I deployed / supported them in Iraq so I can wear my gold spurs!

What have you done to earn them? I guess im just crabby cause they used to mean something now units just give them away for free??? Then at the ball you have a bunch of tards walking around in there stetsons put together all wrong looking like a hot stinking mess!
OP- Varies by Unit.

Dental Chick- no offense, but I feel and most other Scouts I know feel that the most important pre-requisite to wearing a Stetson and Spurs is to go through 16 weeks of 19D OSUT. Once you've done that, more details come in. Afterall...I dont go around saying "well... I did foot patrols and kicked in a few doors, so why can't I wear a CIB?".

Funny how everyone wants the cool aspects of being a Scout, but they dont want to put in the hard work of the day to day.

Ok, I have to say this. You wear your Stetson With your Spurs either Gold or Silver. I know I earned my Spurs and it wasnt just being apart of a Cav Unit. I am a 19D and proud of it. And what the Dental Chick ask, only wear your Stetson if you are apart of a CAV unit. But yes you can wear them indoors. Otherwise dont because people will ask what your MOS is and then they will make fun of you. Sorry but thats how it is. And SSG E I agree with you about Units giving them away for free. I went out into Sector for 15 months was Blown up 7 times and RPG, but yet a person that never left the wire got thier Spurs. I hate that.
I admire all you guys for the harm you face and would have to agree that it should not be so easy to earn something that should mean so much. It is nothing I will ever earn in my MOS and my gender doesn't help but I will look up to you guys that do so much and not agree with the fakers that wear something they didn't truly earn. Thank you for all you do and I'll continue to provide as much support as I can for you. I'll continue to make sure the choppers can always take off and land for you. See you inside the wire!!!
Well I could wear those spurs and the stetson, but I rather just wear my CIB. I think it is ridiculous how someone who never leaves the gate can "earn" spurs and a stetson, just because they deployed with a cav unit.
'm a brand new scout, formerly a tanker, and I'm in a new UA for the WVARNG, so I'm not too knowledgable on cav tradition yet, though I know lots is the same as Armor (I mean, it's like the father of armor, yet armor is Anyway, I know that the Stetson wear is authorized for enlisted soldiers according to everything I've been able to find, and a Spur Ride and no other requirements are accompanied with its wear (at least from what I've been able to find). My main question is, though everything I've said says that enlisted scouts can wear the Stetson, are there any other requirements and does this apply only to NCOs or all enlisted soldiers?
Hmmm...I "earned" my stetson and spurs by deploying. I actaully went outside the wire too! Yay me!

Seriously though, No matter what support does for a unit we will always be crapped on because we aren't "real" MOSs. I had probably 3-4 CLPs a week supporting our CAV scouts at 4 different bases. Not to mention, while you guys are off and sleeping, we are up until 2am making sure that your vehicles are ready to roll for your next mission.
Ive never once had a mechanic work on my vehicle without me there.. and neither has anyone else in my unit.. i want to go to yours where mechanics actually do mechanic work.. all of ours say everything is operator level..if its all operator level, then why are mechanics here? just wondering
You must have a lot of time on your hands if you know who and who hasn't had a mechanic work on their vehicle without them there, then again, we are the ones who have jobs in garrison and in combat...

You get some good mechanics and you get some bad ones... I'll agree with that

My thing is, yeah it may be operator level, but by the time we get one with the vehicle the work could have already been done. Most of the time, we call the PSG and remind them about a vehicle to be worked on (it's even on the training schedule) and it never fails that they will bring it at 1700. Which amazes me because what do you guys do during the day that 2 people can't bring a vehicle to maintenance? Really?
First off, i dont really have too much time on my hands, the stuff is our motor sgts rule, so everyone knows it. And we do have a job in garrison and depoloyed, just garrison, we train to protect yall over here... oh and p.s. the mechanics in my unit have no job now..civilians do it. were deployed and mechanics are not allowed to touch the mraps
Alright quit complaining. I am a SCOUT. Do you see everyone else complaining about not being able to wear a CIB, EIB or EFMB?? No because, it's an MOS specific citation. I know plenty of Infantry cats that think it's retarded that the stetson and spurs can be worn by anyone that happens to be in a CAV unit. READ IT CAV. What one MOS is specified to be CAVALRY... 19D. The only people authorized to wear them outside of a CAV unit is a Scout because, of the simple fact that yes WE are the CAVALRY. I did my time with the last remaining true to definition Cavalry unit (3d ACR. For those of you that don't know what the definition of a CAV unit is here ya go. It is a self reliant, self sustaining mobile fighting force. Meaning we have our own logistics, our own air power. We have everything that a conventional unit has to go to other units to get. Yes, when wear of the Stetson and spurs is authorized by the commander we can wear the Stetson indoors. Fact only 2 other jobs in the army can wear their headgear indoors (Special Forces and Drill Sergeants). Why you ask because, it's an honor to have earned the right to wear it. So next time you want to complain or have questions about Stetsons and Spurs ask yourself am I in the right MOS to have the right to wear these.......
Originally posted by Recon87:
Do you see everyone else complaining about not being able to wear a CIB, EIB or EFMB?? No because, it's an MOS specific citation.

Well up until about 3 years ago the answer was yes... EVERY non infantry soldier wanted something for being in iraq, so they invented the cab... and yes i still hear people complaining about it because they went on a convy and they think that entitles them to a cib... because thats an infantry job lol!! Anywho the cib is still a much better award, because you have to do something to get it..No CIB's awarded for mortars. Big Grin but if the fob gets mortared everyone else gets
Having been a Cavalry Trooper for several years with 2nd Squadron 11th ACR as an Infantryman It is my understanding that any Cavalry Trooper is authorized to wear the Stetson. You must earn your spurs either through a Spur ride or in combat. Though wearing the Stetson without having earned your spurs is generally looked down upon. I wouldn't recommend it.

Having been an 11B and serving proudly with the Blackhorse regiment we never did a spur ride. We concentrated on the EIB. In 2nd Squadron that was the award to have as an enlisted soldier.

The only people that wore Spurs in my unit were senior NCOs. The Saber was given as a gift to NCOs when leaving the unit.

After soldiers left the unit they were given the Cavalry Certificate (Stating that the trooper has ridden proudly with the Blackhorse regiment) framed and signed by the 11th ACR commander and the command sergeant major.

If you were in a cavalry unit and earned your spurs while there but are no longer serving in a cavalry unit you may not wear the spurs.

I am now in the US Army Reserve. I am in the Signal Corps. I miss the Infantry greatly. I have deployed both to Iraq and now Afghanistan. I absolutely detest the fobbit denigration. It is offensive to the soldiers who make their own sacrifices put forth in order to support the war effort.

A Cavalry Trooper is just that a Cavalry Trooper and can be proud to call themselves one. MOS has nothing to do with it. As stated in a previous post A cavalry unit is self sufficient. They have to be. Each soldier has his or her own integral roll in serving the unit and supporting its mission and operations.

Being a Reserve soldier and now in a Combat Service and Support roll I can't stand all the CAB talk going around. the comments of "oh man that rocket was close I wonder if I will get a CAB for that?" The same goes with the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star award.

People ask me all the time about my EIB. I earned it while riding with the 11th ACR. That is the one badge that I am most proud of earning my whole military career. I know Infantrymen who would rather wear their EIB than their CIB. These Infantrymen state that They busted thier humps to earn their EIB and all they did to earn their CIB was their job.

The CAB is a meaningless award to me unless I know the story behind it because I know the jockeying that goes into getting that award. Yes there are a great many soldiers that deserve to have their Combat Action recognised.

A Cavalry Trooper serving in a Combat Service and Support roll in country has just as much right to earn his or her combat spurs as the Infantryman. The additional award the Infantryman gets is the CIB. The Combat Service and Support trooper does not.

Supplies, cooks, signal, maintenance, finance and personnel soldiers are just as important to the mission. Without them you don't get your food, supplies, vehicles fixed, payed, promoted and all that other stuff that goes into the daily life of fighting a war. Is their job as dangerous? No it isn't often times it is mundane and boring.

Having served as an Infantryman I know what it is like on the other side. My heart goes out to every one of you Infantry guys that goes outside the wire and into harms way every day. That goes to all those non infantry guys and gals that are doing the same. I pray for you all and wish you luck and hope to see you safely back inside the wire when you are done with your mission. Most of the time I wish i was with you.

I am proud to have been able to call myself a Cavalry Trooper and to have served with the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment. God Bless you all.

My spurs have never been worn as I was awarded them when I left the unit. They hang on my wall under my stetson and with my saber along with my certificate. I look at them with pride and remember the great days I had as a Cavalry Trooper.
hey JDisasoldier!
so,there are a lot of solid opinions in this discussion.
so,my "sister unit" is a cavalry regiment,and my boyfriend is a medic with the cav.
idk how your unit does it,but in his unit,the whole squadron wears their stetsons on close out formations on fridays as well as earned spurs.if you ever go to a cavalry formal or ball, you will see that every scout is wearing a stetson in their class As. whether you have deployed with the cav or not, you are now a part of the cav and deserve every right to wear a stetson. in my bf's cav unit, it is encouraged that every scout wears a stetson, new to the troop or not.
stetsons dont fall into the same category as spurs. spurs are rightfully earned through the spur ride "haze".
if you take pride in being a scout,then by all means wear it. itll only show the ones who dont approve of you wearing it that regardless of the fact that you have not yet been deployed with them, you are definitely ready to in the future.
even the medics in his unit wear the stetson, but instead of a yellow rope, the have a red one.

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