I downloaded all of the audio versions (because they're damn cool) and plan to play them while I sleep every night (works on TV anyway).

I grouped the files by topic and created playlists for each and a playlist for all topics. My groupings are:
Field Craft
Leadership and Training
Individual Soldier Skills
Policies and Programs

The playlists are .m3u files therefore compatible with many types of media players (Winamp and Windows Media Player are what I use)

I have zipped this all into on big file for easy upload/download.

Admin, if you would like to post this file and have the 40.432 MB to spare I will gladly send it your way. Otherwise, I will devise another way to distribute if anyone is interested (provided I'm not violating any copyrights).
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Sounds pretty cool.

It is too large for standard email, but you could use a site like the english version of SendMeFile.com to upload up to 50 megs at one time. There is no registration required and just gives you a link with a reference number for the file when you are done.

you need to click the British Flag at the top of the sendmefile page to see the english version.

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