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Me and some buddies were arguing about the current regulation about wearing sunglasses while in uniform.

AR 670-1 (03 FEB 2005) Ch. 1-15 section 3 says that "Eyeglasses or sunglasses that are trendy, or have lenses or frames with intitials, designs, or other adornments are not authorize for wear. Soldiers may not wear lenses with extreme or trendy colors, which include but are not limited to, red, yellow, blue, purple, bright green or orange. Lens colors must be traditional gray, brown, or dark green shades. Personnel will not wear lenses or frames that are so large or small that they detract from the appearance of the uniform..."

So if I am reading this right, as long as the lens colors are gray, brown, or dark green; and the frames are plain with no designs or logos, soldiers can wear whatever they want? So I would be able to wear a pair of silver (or any color) sunglasses while in uniform as long as the lenses are gray, brown, or dark green?

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I think this is one of those that falls back on the NCO's. I thin we determine what that means and make judgement cals based on our view of trendy. I think as the old way thinkers die off that the uniform wil very slowly become more relaxed. One day you will be abe to keep one hand in your pocket as long as your salute hand is free... something crazy like that. Who knows. I love the old school mentality of discipline and professionalism. We can add but not take away, right? I don't care if the 1SG doesn't mind logo's or lax on "trendy" or even if white socks isn't a big deal. If one of my soldiers wears it and I feel it looks trendy he or she isn't wearing it. Then they say, "1SG didn't say anything", to bad and take it off. But that's just me. Now you guys are getting me started and I am going to have to start another thread on another pet
Soldiers are authorized to now wear (MILPER Message) any PPE that was issued by RFI. This would include Wiley X, Oakley glasses and such. Logos do not matter.

However, I have a SSG who always tries to wear these silver framed glasses, and I dog his ass. He says they were RFI, so I just told him to turn them in to supply, and I will get him a darker pair. Then he cried foul.

I am not big on unifrom regulations, since I am currently deployed. However, some stuff does not pass the common sense test.

I am not big on unifrom regulations, since I am currently deployed.

What?!? Not thinking about AR 670-1 every second while deployed, man such an easy deployment.

hehe, just kidding. Although that reminds me when I was deployed and wearing PT belts and how someone high up didn't like the different colors people had so they ordered and received a couple of boxes of the orange/plastic PT belts for everyone.

And yet we couldn't get lithium batteries
I see it like this. The re. is written to be interpreted by a reasonable perfessional standard. So if the glasses our sunglasses are not extreme or draw attention they are ok. Just ensure that the SM remembers the purpose of the glasses or sunglasses is to preserve or enhance eyesight, not to be stylish, so Gucci frame would get you a bad experience with me. Yes, they protect your eyes from the sun, but if you are issued Ballistic shades why would you spend that kind of money for something that does less? Thats like buying some Air Jordans that match your ACU's and having the nerve to wear them in uniform in lue of your boots.
So question about sunglasses. Today I was standing around waiting when a SSG approached me and said is it bright today? I was thinking to myself well yes it is. It is a complete overcast day granted but I have had corrective eye surgery in 2008. My eyes seem to be a little sensitive to light still. She then proceeds to tell me to take them off that I do not have a profile therefor I "Can't just wear sunglasses for no reason." So me being a SPC I have learned just, "Hooah, and Roger" are my best friend. So I took them off but with frustration. I recently got home looked at the Regulation AR670-1 Ch. 1-15 where it specifically states about the wear of sunglasses. Nowhere did I find it saying that I was not allowed to wear them. The type of glasses I was wearing were Oakley M frames, Black. Now would it be wrong of me to correct her by showing her the regulation and my post policy letter on the wear of sunglasses that pretty much outlines AR670-1 CH 1-15?
Originally posted by Etch821:
Now would it be wrong of me to correct her by showing her the regulation and my post policy letter on the wear of sunglasses that pretty much outlines AR670-1 CH 1-15?

yes and no-

Right is right, but correcting someone who outranks you must be done with tact and care. I would go ask your 1SG first if he/she thinks your sunglasses are out of reg.

If the 1SG says you're ok, you can say that next time "my 1SG and AR 670-1 para so and so say that the glasses are okay".
----But do it in a Firm yet TACTFUL manner. SSG won't like being told they're wrong!
(HINT: when I corrected someone 4 (Four) E-grades above me about a NEW part of AR 670-1, I was standing at parade rest while I answered their questions....)

(In 2000 you couldn't wear both shoulder straps of a backpack unless you were on a bike or motorcyle. In 2001 (I think) the reg changed. It was in the food court at the PX some MSG stopped my buddy and I wearing both straps. We told him the reg had changed and he said, "are you sure?" and we both said yes with the date of the new reg.... he said he'd go read it and we all carried on.)
The way I understand the reg is, as long as it is APEL approved you may wear them...what I have yet to find in the reg is where it specifically states you cannot wear sunglasses in formation.

However, it falls into the uniformity of the formation. Kind of like when you wear winter PTs and there is always that one guy who doesn't wear the shorts just in case you downgrade.
Yeah. They are APEL approved. Was more on the lines of frustrating when a "leader" is quoting a regulation when they really don't know it.

(2) Conservative prescription and nonprescription sunglasses are authorized for wear when in a garrison environment, except when in formation and while indoors.

That's the part where it says not in formation for you SSG Willis.

Yeah. Haha that's funny. My last NCO used to tell everyone to downgrade just to see if everyone had shorts on. Love that! haha

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