I just finished shooting gunnery for the first time, with ranges that don't like to work and a BN CO who has never been on a tank before, it was rough but my unit pulled through. Our BN CO had us shoot TT8 at a range on Ft Hood called Clabber Creek, a range meant for TT12. Since we were the first unit to shoot TT8 at this range, it took about three and a half days to proof the range. It also didn't help that we had to get some camera equipment installed so the people in the tower can see inside the turret. Everyone did manage to qualify, even my crews 888 got us top tank in the company.

Here's the list of tables and what ranges they were shot at.

TT4 - Phantom Run
TT6 - Trapnell
TT7 - Brookhaven
TT8 - Clabber Creek
TT10 (Yes, we shot TT10) - Jack Mountain
TT12 - Cancelled due to the three and a half days it took to proof Clabber Creek

This was my first gunnery, if you have any stories of yours please share.
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Its good to hear a story from a young tanker out there. Congrads on qualifiing! Cabber Creek is an MPRC (multy purpose range complex)as I recall. It is generally used for Tables 7 thru 12. I imagine your BN Master Gunner was in charge of proofing the range. One of the main problems i had with proofing a MPRC is the civilian range staff. They are usually contractors and sometimes not very good ones. Also,if a new contractor is taking over about the time you start gunnery you can expect snafos. But any way Im glad y'all did well, it sounds like you had some experenced NCOs who were gunnery smart too...That always helps. Tell some of the other guys in your BN about the Army Study Guide Community... we need more tankers and tanker topics on here.

Pvt Mjolsness,

You can get an overview of 19K basic and AIT at www.knox.army.mil/school/1atb/index.htm

click on trainee info and you'll find a useful packing list of what to bring and what not to bring.

click on 2 Bn 81st Armor in the upper left corner of the page ... you'll find an overview of 19K AIT there.

Of course armystudyguides has Prep for basic on the home page as a refernece too.

also once you get there and you do a good job ..your drill sgts may recommend that you go active. just so you know, if you are in the national guard you will have to spend one year in the guard before going active. It will have to be aproved by your NG commander as well. so if that is in your plan, figure out when the 11th month is go see an Army recruiter and start the process.

Thanks MSG. I actually Graduated from B 2-81 for Basic.

I was thinking about goign active after AIT but am unsure still. I've been in the NG for about 14 months now. Our state is putting a hold on everyone that wants to go active. Since the state is loosing so many soldiers. So after AIT I have to wait at least 6 months.
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