Some info I got from a couple tankers I talked to said its an awesome MOS, they go to the field every 3 months for 1 month. when theyre not in the field theyre screwing around in the motor pool usually doing nothing, but occasionally are working on the tank all day. but most of the time theyre home by 1600. In the field they said theyre usually only on a mission 3-4 hours a day, the rest of the time theyre sleeping, or screwing around. said its a real laid back mos, and theyre not big on pt.
Is this pretty accurate?
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HAHAHA!!!! not saying its not true but a CSM at 1-10 FA told me the same thing at I came in as a 13B and spent 79 of my first 90 days in the field and then headed to NTC shortly after....Plus he told me the greatest lie ever told..."Field artillery??? Don't let the word "FIELD" fool you. We don't spend that much time in the field."
lol. well its more true than what they told me Wink I'm 11c in a 88m plt in the 82nd. about 7 of us are, its Div HQ and we were sent there to be PSD but instead they got S1 and mechanics on PSD. So I'm planning on giving the army a second chance by reclassing. Tanks are on the top of my list right now. but looking into a few MOSs. 74D, 21E, 21C, and MP aswell

i'm and second generation tanker and my son is a third gerneration tanker so i know a little bit about this subject. Armor is a combat arms MOS so your going to spend a large part of your career in the field or on the range. I see your an 11b ..i've seen some do well by changing there MOS to 19K ..this is known in the armor community as a re-tread. But i have also seen some that didnt do so well. Their motto is "if i dont know my job .. i can always run". As far as down time... i think you will have more in an infantry MOS. This is due to the fact that mainenance on the tank is an on- going requirement(armament and automotive)when your not in the field.

A good way to gage the mental difficulty and the time needed to stay profient in an MOS is to look at the soldiers manual for the MOS youre in and the one you are contemplating re-classing to. you don't have to read them .. just place them side by side. That will give you a good idea of what its going to take to be "high speed" in that MOS vs the one youre in. The last few years have been degrading for the mounted arms, we have been force to do do dismounted work due to the short fall in the size of our army from 13 divisions in the 90's to the current strenth levels we are at now. This makes it hard to keep your skills up to the level of profiency needed and i think we are seeing the results across the force. Its just hard to do a little of everything and do any of it well. If you do decide to change MOSs and happen to be able to pick your unit ..i would recommend the 3rd ACR. they are an example of a unit that has been able to maintain a high level of asprit de corps despite the current strenth situation. But any way thats my two cents and i hope that helps.
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