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okie this might sound silly but i need your help: i went to meps in june and failed my physical based on the height and weight, and body mass %...

since then ive lost 20 lbs and in still 20lbs over my max: ive gone from being 7.9% over body mass to being 1.1% over.. but i seem to have bottomed out, nothing's changed in a really long time...

i need advice on, the tape test i know there are recruiiter tricks, please spill 'em im desperate here... i cant wait any longer to go to basic... i cant live at home anymore, and i need to take care of this,
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[quote:13adc6b31e="neutiquam_erro"]i cant live at home anymore, and i need to take care of this, [/quote:13adc6b31e]

Please make sure you are joining for the right reasons. I can understand not wanting to live at home, but don't run from one problem into another. If getting away from home is the only reason you're joining, then you're going to be disappointed.

Not trying to discourage you here, just trying to save you, me, and the Army some unnecessary heartaches.
no no no, dont get me wrong, im an army brat and ive wanted this my entire life... sorry for the confusion... i didnt realize that could be read as that... my bad.... no ive been ssure about the army... my mom would tell you im in love with the military..

home life is a recent developement... and more over the urgency in getting this done now is that i go back to college in the fall and i need to get basic and ait done before then... i cone i can do split-op but i rather not.
Alright you hit a plato and can't lose any more weight right? Well, I'd say you'd have to change your work out routine. When I first got to the MEPS station I was way over weight and had to do a lot of workout routines...then I hit the plato. I added more running into my workout and reverse crosstraininer. Recheck your food intake too. Good luck!
If you break down what it takes to lose weight to the simplest factor it might help some. To lose weight you have to burn more calories than you consume. The most effective way to burn calories is swimming, running, or biking (in that order). If you have never swam for exercise before I would advise running. Check out these 2 websites that will help you out as a new runner.
I am not exactly a new runner but there are some SERIOUS runners on those sites that can help get you started. I have not changed my diet at all beside stopped drinking soda and I have lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks. Once you are with .3 to .5 of tape then the tricks that us recruiter use will be able to help you out.
before i got deployed i was flagged for tape/weight. a few simple tricks to tape are, flex your neck and of course suck your belly in... but be careful doing this because in the taping you have to be with in a 1/4 inch for all three measurements on the belly and neck, so if you cheat be consistant. the reason i tell you this is because you'll be going to basic when you pass...and you'll lose alot of weight if you're a bigger guy. I weighed 196 going in and came out at 165.

Hope i was a little help

Desert Dogs lead the way, hooah.
Sure, there are ways to "Cheat" but at the same time, you want to get PASSED that plato. I can certainly relate. I have always been taped during my 8 1/2 years so far. I'm really short so that doesnt help. But, I've actually made it to a point where I don't have to get taped at all anymore. I realize I'm older now but also my metabolism has gone up and I quit smoking so my pt is better as well. You have to eat healthy, limiting your carb intake and burning more calories than you eat. You need to hit the sauna as well as working out in the gym. You have to be healthy. Do you drink soda? Stop drinking soda. If your addicted to soda, suck it up and drink diet. But lower the amount of carbs you are taking in. I rarely eat bread anymore, I eat mostly sausage and veggies. I don't eat potatoes or bread. And I drink water or low card drinks. Dont just try to "beat" the system, surpass it.
[quote:7c90032bb7]The way I passed the tape test when I first went to MEPS was to rub preperation H all over my gut and sides then sleeping with syran wrap around my gut the night prior to being taped it took a good inch off of me.[/quote:7c90032bb7]
:lol: :shock: i wouldnt have admitted that but i've heard it works wonders lol
[quote:6937fab162="Liquidlunch1812"]Yup its only a temporary fix it works for that day, I worked my butt off after that because i really didnt want to have to do it again.[/quote:6937fab162]

LOL :lol: I can only imagine the discomfort of trying to get to sleep with all that stuff on.
Just to chime in -

I've been in for 12+ years now, and as long as I've been in, I have ALWAYS been taped. I normally run about 20lbs over my max weight and always need to be taped.

As I get older, I have found out some things that really help out as It's getting harder to keep the weight off.

The two biggest things I have found that help with weight loss:

*Get a good nights sleep. You'll be able to do more during the day without being so tired.

*Drink lots of WATER. save the (a) beer for the night before a PT test or heavy PT session, for the carb load and the relaxation factor.

Also -

*Don't eat after 6 pm - you really slow down your activity at night, and there's no sense in putting useless calories in if you're not going to burn 'em.

*Eat well. Try to eat 3 squares a day. If you are like me (sounds like you are) cut back on portions and eat 4-5 smaller meals throughout the day. The idea here is to jump start your metabolism. You want your body buring calories 24/7. When you start to feel hungry, your body will start storing calories as fat to conserve.

*STOP eating fastfood! Buy food from the grocery store and start making your meals. You'll eat better and believe it or not, you burn more calories standing there to make it!

*Buy a dayplanner or a calendar book and schedule a workout with yourself. Stick with it. Don't work the same areas every day. Do cardio and arms one day, and back/abs the next. Also, Don't beat yorself up for missing a session, just admit the fact you missed, and get back on track.

*When you go to work or to the mall, park as far away as you can from the entrance. The walk will do you good.

*Lastly, if you hit a plateau, switch it up - get your body moving in some other way. Go skiing or snowshoeing, or ride a bike or put on a day pack and go for a walk.

Good luck on making it, and one final note on staying active - make the recruiter get out there with you when you work out! There is no excuse why he or she is not out there - it's one of their responsabilities to you and to themselves - to stay fit!

*Lastly, if you hit a plateau, switch it up

forgive me but I was terribly confused as to what a "plato" was till I read this. There are many great ideas here. I went to Master Fitness Trainer courses back in the eighties and, even then, the instructors favored a combination of diet, exercise, and supplements for weight loss OR gain. Try smaller portions 5 times a day. Concentrate on easily digested meats and include fish. Rinse tuna and remove fat from chicken, beef and pork. Fat is readily metablized and a great source of energy but will convert to fat if not used. This also applies to sugars, but I'm sure you knew that. Water is a super thing, too, but be careful not to overdo it. We've all heard the eight glasses a day thing but modern medicine discounts the necessity for that much. Drink when you're thirsty/ eat when you're hungry. Exercise every chance you get. I drop and do twenty to thirty sit-ups and push-ups every hour throughout the work day. Everyone thinks I'm loony but I feel great and it helps keep my metabolism up. Good luck!
Originally posted by airborne1092:
save the (a) beer for the night before a PT test or heavy PT session, for the carb load

Wow, that is the first time I have ever heard of that. The carb part makes a lot of sense, since you really don't have time to eat with enuf time in between morning PT...will have to try it...
I had to get taped FIVE times before I finally made tape! LOL Do they measure males in the same places as females? Wrist, neck, forearms and hips. If so, you need to have the inches high in the neck and forearm areas so work on building mass there. I started working out with a personal trainer who HAPPENED to be a master fitness trainer and in 4 weeks, I lost 3% bodyfat. I was also shocked to learn, at MEPS, that I'm just a few pounds within making weight as well. If you are able to, I HIGHLY recommend working with a trainer!
That is awesome! I do the same thing: every hour, close my ofc door and do 15-20 push ups! LOL When I first started working hard towards this goal 4 months ago, I could only do FIVE push ups! So keep it up!
I used to only be able to do about twenty push ups at a time and then my jrotc unit started a exhibition drill team. spinning M-1s really works your forearms and deltoids. we had to do push ups when ever we dropped a weapon so now i can do about a hundred and spin the rifle very quickly Smiler
wow, 100 correct push-ups?

I had a troop one time that had trouble with his push-ups. Every hour we knocked out some push-ups. It got kind of fun doding them after a while and he would often remind me that it was time to knock them out if I got busy and it slipped my mind. He smoked his push-ups and all the extra push-ups helped me out some also.
I was surprised that I had to undergo the tape test at MEPS yesterday (luckily I passed and was well within the max). I'm only about 13 lbs more than I weighed when I finished basic training the first time. The surprise was when my height was measured, I had shrunk 1", which knocked me into a whole other weight class. Oh well, the fun of getting old, I suppose...
I have been on delayed entry since September. I am heading to MEPS on Wednesday and am 3 pounds overweight today. My tape is fine as I have about 9% before I hit my max. What will happen when I get there if my weight is still over but my tape is fine? Would they send me home?
I have been failing Tape tests for 6 years now...i do the "special pop" my husband says i eat right...even the dietitian said i eat fine. When i get stressed out (99% of the time) no matter what i do i can't loose an ounce. I have been hurt several times to which makes it even harder. what should I do. I love the Army and don't want ot get out but it is getting to that point.
If you have been failing the Tape Test for 6 years now, your chain of command is doing something VERY wrong.

If you're on the weight control program (which I am assuming is the case) and you're not making progress, then you should have been barred from reenlistment and chaptered out within 9 months.

As for your husband, hate to break this to you, but he's not really the person to consult if your eating right or not.

These situations I tell Soldiers that I talk to, "You don't have to be honest with me, but at least be honest with yourself."

Are you REALLY eating healthy and PTing at least 3 days per week? This is one of those questions you should answer to yourself.
Yes, I am sure I am eating healthy foods and not excessively. I go back and forth between progress and degression. Depression is the main factor though. If i get depressed I gain weight, but if i go on meds for it i gain even more. What am i suppose to do? The quack DR. here 'told my command' that the meds will cause weight gain, but won't put it on paper so i am still stuck!
one thing that has helped me considerably is a website called fitday.com it is based on a food and exercize diary. i have lost over forty pounds in the last 4 months and other than diet and exercize, this has helped me the most. it has calculators that show how many calories you intake and how much you should burn. i highly recomend this site to any one wanting to loose weight. if you make your self put it on paper you will be more cognesent of what you put in your body. just remember you can lie to others but you can lie to yourself.
I hate going to the gym. I guess it's just not my thing, but I'm doing it because I have goals that require it in order to succeed.

But one thing I actually do enjoy is my 4 mile walks once or twice a day. Not only does it feel good without being too much of a strain, but I can work out all my problems as the sun is coming up in the morning or under the stars at night.

I literally leave my problems behind me as I trot along. It's a great stress reliever.

The real kicker though is that I take pharmaceutical grade USANA nutritionals to rebuild my body at the cellular level. At my age, it's especially important to counter oxidative stress, and I need all the help I can get.
I know many Soldiers who have been on the Weight Control Program for long periods of time. Some are seriously over the body fat allowance and some stay very close to passing.

I know the ARMY just came out with a new taping procedure and table. I am wondering if and how it is better or worse in your opinion? To me it seems to be trying to adjust for different body types, but I don't know if it works.

I am just wondering about your opinion.
Originally posted by admin:
wow, 100 correct push-ups?

This one time, I took a PT test, and I did 120 pushups. Except for 80 of them I was wormin' like a mother!! My grader: our detatchment 1SGT. He just kept counting, so I just kept going. I get 300s anyway so I really wasn't cheating. But I thought that was pretty amusing. He musta been drunk or really preoccupied, because he was a pretty hard charger.
If you just give it your all, and have the olny option be the medic taking you off of the course because you collapsed, then you will pass.

Good Luck....and Pedialyte (the stuff for dehydrated babies the night before and the day of ensure maximum hydration)

2 Aspirins could help well too.

Keep the Forum posted.
Alright you hit a Plato and cannot lose any longer weight right? Well, i would say you'd need to amendment your compute routine. once I 1st have to be compelled to the MEPS station i used to be more than weight and had to try to to lots of exercise routines...then I hit the Plato. I additional a lot of running into my exercise and reverse crosstraininer.

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