Tasking as Brigade schools NCO

Learn DTMS. Also go to each of the BN/Squadrons/Battery in your BDE and talk to each of the schools NCO's in there office and start building a relationship.

Talk to the Division schools personnel and get into DTMS asap. Also learn excel, powerpoint and understand that your deadlines are not the same as others. You need to backwards plan all your taskings so that even if they need to reclama you still have time to adjust.

CC the CSM/OPs SGM's on every schools taskings. And also try your damndest not to send anyone to school who is within 1% of the BF standard.
ok for example a tasking will come down that you need to have 1 x Soldier at this school NLT 13 FEB. You need to have the names, orders, and everything done and submitted generally 20-30 days prior sometimes more. Which means you need to get information to the Battalions ASAP.

The main thing I learned was to not sit on information and to follow up consitently. I'd keep a running tracker and when something would become Yellow I would sink my teeth into it or the SGM/CSM/S3/CDR if need be. And this was generally weeks/months before it would become red.

I also would brief the ops SGM daily and CSM multiple times with a BUB or CUA for CDR. Lol you have a lot of meetings to go to and to hold.
Email me on Global: Lamb, Mitchell W. SGT USA

A few musts you have to learn is of course how to navigate ATTRS. Also how to use UTIMS which is USAREUR specific. USAREUR also just changed its WLC OML process, I will send you info in the reply email. I also have a step by step guide (schools book) on how to input data into the QWS program and run a schools check for everyone in your unit. You also want to become familiar with the CATC school in vilseck, as they have a TON of training opportunities.

Last but not least, In your spare time, use the virtual training guide on DTS and learn as much as you can about it. Ive been stuck in the 3 shop for two years now, exclusively with schools and travel so like I said, find me on global and shoot me an email. I will reply with a few great slide shows Ive made and a schools book that will be very helpful.

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