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With the new AR 670-1 I am looking to see if I will need a tattoo waiver for my Warrant Packet. I have 2 tattoos, both which can be covered by my hand, below my knees and elbows. Both are actually on my forearms and nothing below my knees. Would this require grandfathering with the new Reg or do I just need them documented and not need the tattoo waiver request in my packet?
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Edited to clarify my interpretation: You don't need a waiver since, as I understand your description of your tattoos, you didn't need them photographed or documented in iperms and have been compliant this entire time. Therefore, no waiver needed.

Ref: Ar 670-1 dated 15 September 2014, chapters 3-3c and g.:

c.(2) Soldiers may have no more than four visible tattoos below the elbow (to the wrist bone) or below the knee. The
tattoos in these areas must be smaller than the size of the wearer’s hand with fingers extended and joined with the
thumb touching the base of the index finger. The total count of all tattoos in these areas may not exceed a total of four.

g. The tattoo restrictions enforced in paragraphs 3–3c(1) through (3) apply equally to officers and warrant officers.
Enlisted Soldiers who have tattoos that were compliant with previous tattoo policies (grandfathered tattoos) may
request commissioning or appointment, if otherwise eligible. Commanders should continue to evaluate potential
applicants on the “whole Soldier” concept in making appropriate recommendations. Soldiers, who have unauthorized
tattoos that were not in compliance with previous policies, are not grandfathered. Tattoos on the face or head (to
include on/inside the eyelids, mouths, and ears) are not grandfathered because these locations were never authorized
locations for tattoos.

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