TDY for ALC but slight issue

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I am scheduled to go TDY for ALC at the beginning of August and the course lasting through the end of September. I also just recently arrived to this unit. I really want to go to ALC but the timing is bad. My wife is expecting in mid September and im being forced to go anyway. My command was aware my spouse and myself are expecting but didnt take it into consideration. i really dont want to miss the child birth but i dont want to get on the commands bad side either.

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Roll with it, and have your wife understand that a promotion will help your family more than being there for the birth.

It is very difficult, if not impossible in some MOSes to be promoted w/o ALC. If you miss it now, it will likely be a VERY long time before they slot you for it again. One option could be to have any family stay with your wife when it gets close to the birth.

There are lots of people that have to be away from their kids birth due to career obligations. We don't like it, but it has to be done.

Look at it this would be selfish of you or her to shortchange the family finances because of something we would like to do.

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