As a pilot program, it makes one wonder how they will determine what expertise it takes to be given what rank. This is similar to programs already in existence to get medical doctors, lawyers, and chaplains.
The Army will start on a small scale with the cyber direct commissioning pilot, Frost said. The service has yet to determine exactly what expertise it will seek from civilian experts. Software design and code writing could be among the skills that the Army wants in the experts it recruits.
“You have to look at what type of skill set are you looking for from private industry that you may not be producing internally in the Army,” she said.
The Army also will have to determine whether there is a desire in the private sector to serve in the military, Frost said.
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The 17 series cyber MOS field is still going through growing pains but their units that are FMC. But they are still working on the right training pipeline and expertise to fill those slots.

Meaning, there are tons of tools and apps that are used in the Army and they will need to find SMEs knowledgeable in those areas.

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