McGeorge I have several highly important questions to ask you!

Do you have to stand in formation?

Do you have to do PT?

Do I have to call the instructors Sergeant or Sir?

Last question, it's cool if I wear cool guy aviator sun glasses and walk around with my dog tags hanging out like I do in the club on friday nights right!?

Cool, thanks.
SGT Henry,
It all depends on which building you are in for internet and cable. Some of the buildings have flat screens mounted on the walls in the rooms with free cable, some don't. I would definitely bring a laptop regardless, but you may end up in a building with or without cable. And the tv's do have built in DVD players on them.
You can get linen issued, but you can also use your own. They are small (twin I think) beds. No set up standards at all, the fact is, nobody even comes over here at all as far as I know to check. You will be mixed in with permanent party and WTU guys in the barracks, but they try to put people together if they can that are MOS-T's if posssible.
The DFAC is ok. It did manage to win best DFAC in the Army (large category) when it was last issued (either 2010 or 2011, not really sure how, but whatever), so it's really not that bad. The weekends kinda suck there, but during the weeks its okay. They may, or may not take your separate rats. They have not taken mine yet (have been here since the middle of May), but that doesn't mean that they won't at some point.
I can provide any other info you want, just ask away.
SGT McGeorge,

How is school going thus far? I've been curious as to how you've been doing, especially since I will be reporting there less than three weeks from today. Couple of questions for ya;

** Besides brushing up on grammer and punctuations, is there anything else you would suggest brushing up on before reporting?

** Outside of the packing list, is there anything you would recommend bringing to the course? Is there anything looking back you're like "I wish I would've packed that!"?

** How have the weekends been? Any extra duties or Staff Duty or anything like that?

** Lastly, PT; Have you been conducting PRT? If so, have the NCOs (students) been conducting it? I have not been introduced to PRT yet and have zero clue on what it is or what to do. I am downloading the reg today and will be reading up on it, but you can only read so much without actually seeing it to understand something.

Thanks again for all your help! Hope all is well!
Hey everyone. Sorry for the fact that I have not been online in a while. Things have gotten a little bit busy with school, but I have not forgotten about everyone here. Here is some other things that I can give everyone information on.
TM46r-the assignments are very different. They actually try to assign you back to your current duty station if at all possible, if there is a position available at your current duty station. As with everything in the Army, if there is a higher priority at another location, then you may end up at that location. If you are already airborne qualified, then there is about a 176% chance you are going to an airborne unit, most likely in the 82nd at Fort Bragg. Sorry, just the facts.
I honestly do not know why there is such a shortage. I know that lots of these assignments are at either brigade combat teams (which is a newer type thing) or PAD's (Public Affairs Detachments), or MPAD's (Mobile Public Affairs Detachments). If you are a 46R, then you could possibly end up at an AFN network somewhere, but I do not know how SFC Beech works that.
Do not know about the civilian contractor opportunities. I have not even honestly begun to think about that.
46R and 46Q do transfer to college credits in lots of areas. Check with your college or check with COOL to see what kinds of credit you can get.
And finally, you do not have classes with any other MOS's. Whatever MOS you have, those are the only people that you have class with. Nobody else. Hope this helps you.
Tumbler-School has been going good so far. Have taken my first quiz, and my first actual exam. So far, I have 100 on both.
I would suggest, more than anything, brushing up on your grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation. Those, honestly, are the biggest things that have gotten people eliminated from the course from what the instructors are telling us. If you can get hold of the AP Stylebook, at least look at it. There are lots of things that the Associated Press (AP) do differently in how they write that you might be used to. It takes a little bit of time to get used to it.
I would suggest going on the DINFOS website, clicking on the Army link, and looking at the packing list. There are clearly things that you need to bring, that people over look. You class A uniform is one of them. You will have to wear you class A's/B's at least once a month, and to be able to walk across the stage for graduation. You probably don't want to be that dirtbag that does not bring it with them, trying to say that they were not told. Also, it is class B's that you will wear in class once a month, so at this time, if you do not have a short sleeve dress shirt, I would suggest on getting one. Sometimes the AC in the classrooms goes out, and to top it off, it hot as moose balls and humid as hell here. So, I personally, have found it a little more comfortable to wear the short sleeve dress shirt than the long sleeve and tie. Your preference though.
The weekends are for the most part yours. You will only have formations a few times a week. Every weekday morning for PT at 0440, and then the last duty day of the week at 0720 for a safety briefing. That's it. A grand total of six times at the most. You may have a mandatory class at times, which they use the school house for, and if they do, they will usually do it at either 0500 or 1630. If you are a corporal or above, you will occasionally have to pull duty. It is just duty driver. You are responsible for driving either the privates or whoever to the airport, picking them up from certain places, things like that. It depends on the cadre on duty at the time whether or not you have to stay there or go back to your room and leave your phone number. Honestly, at most, it probably comes around maybe once a month. Not that big of a deal.
As for PT, yes, you are doing PRT. It is student led. If you have not been introduced to PRT yet, do not worry. If you let the cadre or some of the other students know, at least the cadre for sure will help you out. Honestly, it can be very daunting to know what is going on with the different movements and different exercises. They do know that not everyone has done it so far.
One other thing of note. As of last week (?), the Fort Meade CG has signed a policy letter stating that we, as the MOS-T soldiers (prior service), are no longer allowed to stay in the barracks. We are only allowed 50 rooms or so, and as of right now, we have over 100. We already have students that are staying in either lodging or civilian lodging. I know what ATTRS says about lodging, but when you get here, there is a chance you may not be staying in the barracks. Not exactly sure how that is going to work for everyone, especially with units authorizing government credit cards and all other kinds of things. Something to keep in mind.
Like I said earlier, sorry I have not posted more, but I have been a little overwhelmed with school and some personal issues. I will be here to answer any questions anyone may have, just ask away, and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Good luck to everyone.
I have a school date for May 4th, 2012. Funny you mention that as I just emailed SFC Beach my assignment preferences yesterday. How long ago did you finish school?

Originally posted by letmegetthatforyou:
TM46r - When do you go to school? I had my assignment 9-10 months before I was supposed to report. I didn't even finish school yet. All I did was call SFC. Beach and ask him what my options were and he was able to get me an assignment.
Also, another few notes for you guys. If you go on the DINFOS website, and click on the Army link, you will see links for policy letters, packing list, etc. Like I said, I would suggest looking at the packing list. Also, on the packing list, it is suggested to bring either a camelbak, or a canteen. You actually need one of these two items. In the mornings, you have to have water with you at PT. It's your choice which one you use. When you in-process, if you do not have one, you can either buy a camelbak, or sign out a canteen from the cadre. Who knows who had the canteen before you, or what they did with it. Your choice entirely.
If you are going through the 46Q course, there is a small practice English diagnostic exam you can take on the DINFOS website. Go to the DINFOS website ( Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. On the bottom left hand corner there is a link that says Skills Enhancement. That takes you to another page. That page has two links: English Diagnostic quiz, and Answer Key. The quiz opens up in Microsoft word. There are only 25 questions on this quiz (there are 100 on the actual test), and it is set up in sort of the same was as the actual test. There are 5 sections: grammar, sentence structure, word usage, capitalization and punctuation. You are given sentences and you must find the error, if there are any, in each sentence. Hopefully everyone does good on this. But it would have been nice to know before I went.
No problem, just trying to help out if I can. I really don't know too much about the 46R class. I know a few people in the classes that are going on, but really trying to concentrate on what I can to help out anyone who wants to come here. So far I love the job, but still have to see what I will actually be doing when I get to my unit. Any other questions you have, feel free to ask.
Well everyone, I'm back for another update. Things are still going pretty good. I just finished testing out of one of the functional areas (Public Affairs). Only 5 or 6 more to go. The writing is getting a little bit easier, but it's still kind of tricky trying to write a certain way after you have been either doing military writing for awards, counseling and ncoers for a long time, or writing papers for school. It may take a little bit for some people, but most should be able to get through it. We are supposed to learn how to write headlines and learn interviewing techniques next week.
While you are here, I would definitely say take advantage of the area. I missed out on it, but the local Hooters girls were here a few weeks back giving away tickets to a Nationals game. I was able to get free tickets to an Orioles game on Friday night, and had a blast. MWR also has trips to NYC every month or so, plus there is all kinds of other stuff in the Baltimore/D.C. area. Let me know if anyone has any questions at all.
i know this is probably a ridiculous question and i most likely already know the answer, but if anyone has any input other than the obvious "your screwed" answer, feel free to chime in. so i thought i was reclassing to 46Q but signed papers for 46R, i know, you dont have to tell me. but i am wondering if there is any loophole or possible way to switch my mos before i go to school. i kno the 2 jobs are not far off from each other but i am getting a degree in website publishing and design and was being told that 46R was the paper/web side of PA, obviously the wires got crossed somewhere and i am now finding out that im going into the voice/video broadcasting area. if my options were to get out or keep this mos, i would keep it. but i am desperate to find a way to switch to 46Q if there is a way. sry for the long post and thx for any guidance.
While I am not 100% sure on this, but if you signed a contract for 46R, you might be stuck. I would say maybe take it to your career counselor. I will say that if you went through the BEAR program, and you try to back out of it, you may not be able to get back into it again by trying a different MOS. I am not totally sure on the regulation on that. Plus, that might depend on whether or not (if you did go through BEAR), if 46Q is taking that rank at the current moment. You never know, you may love it when you get here though. Plus, their cutoff scores are at rock-bottom 14 right now for SSG.

Hey i am coming to the end of my tour in Iraq and getting closer to my first reenlistment and I just have a few questions on reclassing from MP to 46Q.

-How is DINFOS as far are materials covered (easy or Hard)

-How would this field be for someone who is married
• Will I be away from my wife a lot

-How often do you deploy and what are the durations of ur deployment. I really d ont want to deploy again anytime soon.

I am not to worried about the non job related task give because being an MP now hell I do everything ive not been trained to do.

Just looking for some Pros and Cons for 46Q as far as being with my family more because MOS now never home.

Please if you can't help please refrain from posting.


It really just comes down to the assignment you pull. I hate to say that, but PAO is still somewhat highly deployed. This may or may not be slowing down some, but both 46Q and 46R were so understrength for several years, deployments came quite often. I myself am coming to the end of an Afghan tour. Most deployments are the standard 12 months, yet I know soldiers assigned to AFNs usually only do 6 month tours, but if you're looking into 46Q that's more or less irrelevant.

As for being home versus being gone, again, it's an assignment thing. Specialized assignments within the MOS could expect some TDYs, and if you get assigned to a brigade that loves to go to the field, well, PAO still goes to the field just like everyone else usually. I think all Army experience has really taught me are there really are no "family friendly" MOSs, only family friendly units, and PAO isn't really an exception.


I'm a 46R and it's not all that bad. I've done a lot of 46Q work. Regardless, neither MOS is really into web-design, unless you count managing your unit's Facebook page, Twitter feed, and Flickr accounts as web design.
Just stopping by to give everyone a quick update. Things are going pretty well for me so far. We have moved onto Photojournalism, and feature writing. Features is the part for 46Q's that pretty much eliminate most people from the course who don't make it. Kind of nervous, but I have confidence and feel I should be good. Basically, it is putting everything together that we have learned so far in new writing and writing an entire article. Also, getting interviews, taking notes, things like that. If you have an issue with talkting to random people that you may not know, then I guess this MOS would not really be for you. I am actually kind of excited to see how I do in this portion.
I also have some links for grammar excersises that you can to help you brush up on your skills, prior to coming. I hope they help you out. I was able to get the links from one of the instructors here. (Mechanics) (Grammar) (Puncuation) (Exercises)
Hope this helps in any way. As usual, if anybody has any questions, feel free to ask.
Honestly, not really sure right now. Like I said in one of my posts, the post commander had some issues with us in the barracks, so the last class that came on, most of them are in hotels off post or the guest house. Not really sure what the current situation is. You will end up being in my platoon, 6th platoon. We just got a brand new 1SG last month, and honestly, thy guys is out of control. Look forward to seeing you when you get here.
Not sure how the barracks thing is going. It actually went back and forth there a few times while I was there for new students coming in and out, so it may just be lick of the draw. As far as advice, go there with an open mind. Accept the fact that you will have to learn some things that you thought you knew. Look through this thread, and take the practice test on the link that I gave, and also look at the other links that I put up. Trust me, if it has been a while since you have taken an English class, it will show. Most of all, when the weekend comes, try to get out in the area and have some fun to decompress. The class will have it's ups and downs, and be a little stressful at times, but learn to let it go once in a while. I'm just starting the job here, so any questions you have, feel free to ask.
I have a 46r class in Jan. I'm currently in Germany and I leave here in Dec. I don't have orders or a follow on assignment yet. SFC beach told me you don't get an assignment until after u finish school but what am I suppose to do with my car and hhg? Are u authorized a rental car there?

Im currently at DINFOS in the 46R course.

I don't have orders or a follow on assignment yet. SFC beach told me you don't get an assignment until after u finish school but what am I suppose to do with my car and hhg? Are u authorized a rental car there?

I had follow on orders four months before attending DINFOS, so they might have some issues at HRC right now. Are you TDY and return or TDY enroute? As far as a rental car, you dont really need one. Everything is within walking distance if you live in the Freedom Center, which you probably will. I live in Army lodging (hotel) on the Army's dime. They usually place the people with cars in hotels and those without, in the Freedom Center.

Any questions regarding the course, or life here at DINFOS? I know you have a ton. Ask away.
How big are your classes?
You start your classes off in BWAS (Broadcast Writing and Announcing Skills) 28 seats are in that class, depending on how many people pass the class depends how much move on tovideo. We had 28 and 8 failed.

Are most reclassing?
Yes, almost everyone thats Army in your class will be reclassing aside from a few privates who usually are in the reserves or guard. You will have other services in your class.

Where are you scheduled to PCS? (just curious)
I PCS to AFN Wiesbaden, Germany in January

Also, did they use the location from ASK?
Yes, I called our branch manager as soon as I got a school seat and was able to request where I wanted to go after school

Have the instructors give you any info on civilian opportunities upon getting out? Especially Deployed contractor jobs?
Not really but we've never asked.

Is there anything you can think of that would help prepare for the classes?
Come to school ready to learn, if you have any problems or family issues fix them before coming here. You have PT formation at 0450 and the rest of the day you will be busy. Try and report early if you can and attend BPREP, which will help you in BWAS.

I would encourage you to start reading aloud. Do you have an accent, drawl? The main reason people fail BWAS is due to announcing skills. Practice your articulation word stress and emphasis. The writing portion will come if you pay attention to the instructors.

Any more questions just private message me your email or ask on here.
On a quick attempt to get me a last minute assignment I received fort Gordon. I am not too pleased with this but I don't know what I can do now since I pcs in less than 30 days and I go to school in january. Is it too late to talk to someone to change this? If I do have time to talk to someone who because no one has been receptive to my request up to this point. I really was looking forward to being stationed overseas after school.
The TDY enroute/in return may depend on where you are going. You very well could possibly be going back to the same duty station. Some of my classmates did that. I did TDY enroute to Fort Bliss, Texas. I also found out my assignment well before I left. You probably should find out in the next few months or so.
Found out that I will be heading to Fort Bragg in December. Any heads up on what I might expect there? I know there are a few PAO's, though no idea of which I'm assign to yet. Can't wait to get out of the Rigger field, and am glad I'm not going to Bragg as a Rigger.
Anyone reclass to this lately? Looks like I'll be going to school for this in January or February. Do you have to drive yourself to Ft Meade or does the Army pay for a flight? How's the lodging work lately, hotel (on or off-post) or barracks? Any new tips? Going for 46Q.

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