The good, the bad and the F'ING ugly!!!

So ok, MEPS is out of the way...I am going to AIT on 02June08. So now that I know I got 13F and a small portion of what I am going to be doing I am asking anybody who has some experience in or with my future MOS: What is some of the good, the bad, and the F'ING ugly about the MOS?!? ..of course observing opsec but anything that can be said I would love to hear it!

I am in the Navy right now, 26Mar08 is my last day, but I have Chief (E7) who has been w/ the Army pretty much his whole career talking with me over the last few days and what he says of his knowledge of FO's seems pretty cool...their arrogant, have attitudes, work very independantly as a team, always in the sh*t, and seem to be a bit crazy! LOL
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Sounds about right, we are the cockiest, most arrogant sons of guns in the Army. Its the way we are. We are the shit on commo, land nav, pt, and call for fire experts.

My advice to you is take PT serious, I have heard it has been dumbed way down at Sill. Learn as much as you can, they barely teach the basics anymore. AIT only teaches a hundredth of what you need to know when you get to your unit. Hopefully you get to go up on the hill and call some rounds...we got a bunch of joes that hadn't even been on the hill, whiskey tango foxtrot. Go Airborne too we need FISTers in the 82nd right now.

So far I like the Army better then the Navy.

SGT(P) Lakich

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