The New Way to Pitch Modules is Confusing.

I am retired from the Army, but I am a drill instructor at a prison boot camp for adult offenders. I like to pitch modules.

Recently saw the discussion SSG Chaney started. I noticed there is no longer a drill module book. I have the new 3-21.5 in a PDF and an iPhone ap (its awesome).

Here is my question: Where is the purpose statement for the movement? In instructional methods starting on page 2-1 I see the examples of the purpose for the position of attention and the 30 inch step, but in the chapter on each position or explanation. Where do you get it? Do you make it up? This is perplexing!

And while we're on the subject why don't drill sergeants pitch modules on the trail any more? Did you know Marine DIs are graded periodically on their ability to pitch teachbacks (modules)? Thanks.

Lonnie Watson
US Army 1982-2002, 2008-2009
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