the origin of the 1st sergeant's diamond.

One of my soldiers told me that they asked him about the origin of the 1st sgt diamond and what is it really called. I have tried looking it up, but i cant find it. Has any one had this question asked at the board? And if you know the answer it will be greatly appreciated.
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As with the draft question I referred to Wikipedia.
Apparently, the diamond of the 1SG dates at least back to the American Civil War Fist Sergeant. The diamond is also used by the Marine Corps and the Air Force. In the Air Force however, the diamond indicates any E-7, E-8, or E-9 holding a position of First Sergeant.
Dating before America the lozenge (a French word) was used as for a females coat of arms. In Great Brittan a lozenge was placed on the King's (or man's) coat for the married female.

Perhaps this is the reason the 1SG uses this mark, indicating an important role just below the Commander.
I was once asked this question by one of my 1st SGTs, and was given a somewhat lengthy answer. I was reminded of it and was trying to find the particular details again, to no avail.

Somehow it was related to Roman Soldiers. The spear point they used (or rather the wound hole it left), the tradition/method of spearing people in the side (think, crucifiction of Jesus Christ), and it's relation to the heart and the blood, the diamond being in the heart of the insignia. etc, etc.

Seemed to me like a bunch of far fetched correlations, but very interesting none-the-less.
My 1SG recently asked me this question. He prides himself on no one being able to find the exact answer and where it is actually referenced. After doing some hard research I found the answer.

It is actually found in AR 670-1 in Figure 28-51 on page 219. It states "First Sergeant: Three chevrons above three arcs, with a pierced lozenge between the chevrons and arcs."

Furthermore you can find some great information in a very informative research paper found at "the History of the First Sergeant"

I hope this also helps.

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