The unforgiven

By Greyhawk
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Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer did not perform his heroics alone - he and Army Capt. William Swenson "worked in tandem under an avalanche of enemy fire" that day in Ganjgal. And yet...
Swenson has received nothing. The lack of recognition raises questions whether Swenson's angry criticism of Army officers, who repeatedly refused to send fire support that day, is the reason he has not been decorated.
It is "ridiculous" that Swenson hasn't yet been recognized for his heroism, Meyer said. Swenson also repeatedly braved fire in the battle, working with the Marines to engage enemy fighters and evacuate U.S. and Afghan casualties from a kill zone, the Medal of Honor nominee said.
"I'll put it this way," Meyer said. "If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be alive today."
Swenson, who left the Army in February, could not be reached for comment.
This follow-on story indicates Swenson (who attended the White House ceremony for Meyer) has now been nominated for the Medal of Honor, too.
Nominations for the nation's highest award for valor are not supposed to be made public before the ultimate decision has been made - but for whatever reason, someone somewhere views Swenson's case as a necessary exception to that rule. (And that's something else he has in common with Dakota Meyer.)
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