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what can i do if my 1sg keeps telling me "he wont piss on me if i was on fire." he has said this to several people. He continues to give people that are in the MEB process a hard time, threating them with ART 15s and just being an over all horrible human being. any help would be appreciated.
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Originally posted by Daddy Warcrimes:
Sounds like he is acting like a 1SG. Nothing you mentioned sounds worthy of intervention.

I've always understood that being a horrible human being was an evaluated task at 1SG school.

My advice: Soldier properly and avoid unnecessary contact.

Originally posted by FIFTYCRUSHPLAN:
Thats just funny 1SG lingo lol. The other day our 1SG was talking about being in the right place in the right time using all kinds of funny acronyms calling us limp dicks and everything. I dont feel love if I dont hear that stuff from 1SG!

obviously this is an SHARP complaint because in formation at least 1 person has a stubby. :0)
While I'm not advocating a "run and cry" attitude, if the 1SG is truly being un-reasonable, you should bring it up to the chain of command or to your NCO Support Channel.

1SG's are, by nature, the "bad guy" but, in 15 years I've never had one belittle me or any specific group of people more than a few times. If this is a recurring problem, push it up the chain and let your leadership know there is a problem.

If it's not that serious, obviously, just Soldier up and run with it....but if it is an issue, it needs to be addressed.
very true
Originally posted by TransAm95NCO:
I had a 1SG who made remarks like that about everyone, but that was just his way of talking, our new 1SG is the complete opposite....if it truly bothers you, address it with him, if it does not fix it, bring it higher...

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