This is what to expect for 68 series SLC

I just finished SLC here at Ft Sam and these are the tips I can give you.

  • Get a car when you come here
    If you can drive here, all the better. If you have to fly, see if you unit will authorize you a rental. When you first arrive, you will get your room keys at the guest lodging, but you will be given a room on the other side of post, near the 232 land. If you don't have a car, you will wait all day for the shuttle, or have to pay $5 for a cab. Also, you will want to drive to clothing and sales, and maybe the Difac.

  • They said that starting for class 005-011, you will have to do your information briefing slides and submit them online before you report. Don't worry about the quality of your powerpoint skills. You are going to be graded on how well you can brief your slides, not so much on the content of your slides.

  • You will not do organized PT while your are here. There will be one run with the 1SG at the end of the course, so if you are not in a duty position where you have to run in formation a lot, you may have to work on your run. It is at a 9 minute pace, but the trouble comes when you have to run without being able to stretch your legs out. You have to volunteer to take a PT test if you want to compete for the leadership award. This doesn't mean you can show up out of shape, but that you will have to do PT on your own.

  • Take what you will need to get you through the month. The packing list has not been updated recently, and I brought four sets of ACU's when I only needed two. You don't need to bring any TA-50, you won't use it.

  • The current First Sergeant, 1SG Barone is a Soldier's Soldier. If you have any issues or problems that you can't get resolved before you come here, or you can't get fixed by your student leadership or SGL, he will take care of it quick, fast, and in a hurry.

  • This is a gentleman's course. This isn't BNCOC or PLDC. The only way you can fail is if you don't deserve to be here in the first place. That is not to say that the POI is easy, but you should, at this point in your career, be able to work as a team, and network to get things done.

  • Have your ERB updated. They won't kick you out for not having all of your correspondence courses listed, but you will see how the ERB can effect your career, and it will be looked at by your SGL to help you advance.

Mostly, have fun. Don't avoid being here because you don't think you need to be here. The First Sergeant's course is going away, as is Battle Staff most likely, so unless you plan on going to the Sergeant Majors Academy, this may be the last time you get unbiased feedback on your leadership skills and training on what you need to know to be a 1SG or Master Sergeant.
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