Thoughts on being called Paper Pushers etc...

When someone is trying to bully me as a legal into category of "paperpushers", I have only one comeback: "My job DOES require presense of a brain".

But.. every time when I go to other support service shops, I just want to choke some of the fat, lazy and opposite from the bright soldiers.

Took them 3 months to submit my divorce decree in, another 5 to figure out that it actually means NO BAH payment (oh my, that's so hard to understand), so now I get my butt chewed for the huge debt to the Army, and they cannot take it all at once from my saving account, where I put all the extra cash, they instead mess with my paycheck. And it is not the worst that happened before. Try to make SPC(P) 3 times in 4 years with no legal or administrative negative records on you. And on it goes..
Being finance I know about the chairborne ranger/paper pusher names. It's a joke around our unit as we've been deployed as a corps just like everyone else. We've been on patrols, guard duty, attacks etc in the middle east and we are serving all around the world support all the soldiers no matter where they are. For a Finance Corps of about 2500 (and that's overstrengthed) we support all army, some navy/marines, and airforce all over the world. No you don't usually see us on the front lines but there are some of us there, volunteering to be with the combat soldiers. Stupid? Maybe to some but there are some of us AG and this includes postal and psb that choose to join the battle as well. So yes the name paperpusher is annoying but considering what we do with the little people we have, I'd say we work harder than a lot of units out there. There's no complaints of this finance ranger because I love the best of both worlds being trained in both sides. To whoever had a problem with their finance, I'm sorry to hear that. It's not a policy to put someone in debt but we will take it out if you are not entitled to it. As for problems with getting something stopped. It should only take one time through your S1 and a follow up pay inquiry. I cannot judge the situation because I am not involved in it but don't put finance out on the street because you had issues.
Hey, I'm not talking about ALL Finance/PSB, etc.. I did make it clear in my post that SOME soldiers have no idea of what they doing. From my time in the Army I have one thing to say - you get lucky if they don't lose your papers 5 times before something gets done.
[b:4ed623bd88]I use to be in the AG branch and I've learned a HELL of a lot from there. Need to process some paperwork? Make a copy of EVERYTHING and list it on a DA 200 before you give it to the orderly room who will sign the DA 200 and make sure you get this paper work back. Yeah, I'm talking about the DA 200. If your paper has been lost you show the DA 200 to the orderly room NCOIC and they'll get a lot of heat for losing it...I know they'll go the extra to fix it. The orderly room does the same list everything on a DA 200 that needs to go S-1, then the same for S-1 to PSB they'll all ask for a DA 200 to be signed. If paperwork needs to go to Finance it'll be on DA 200 to S-1 who will then place it on a TL.

Good Grief, everythings trackable![/b:4ed623bd88]

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