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So I was just selected on the May board. I have heard from a few on what the total cost of attending WOCS will be. (Anywhere from $300 from the FAQ to over $1000 from a CW2 we know. The whole "not mandatory, but mandatory" thing is confusing my wife, and we are trying to plan financially, but it would help if I had a more focused idea of the "thousand dollar dot" from someone who has been to WOCS within the past year or so. Thanks in advance.
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Well I attended WOCS in 2008 and I never had to pay that much money. I had to convert my greens to add the black braid. And I converted my top ASU to officer coat.

Why are they telling you that you have to pay that much? I PCSed from Germany to WOCS.

Can you save 100 to 150 dollars a month now before you leave to WOCS? Remember, it's just for six weeks. When I graduated, my base pay increased by 800 dollars a month and to CW2, another 1000 a month. You get the investment back real fast.

But to be honest, you should be planning financially all of the time. When I was an NCO, I always had savings and I had a stay at home wife and two kids.
Thanks for the response Chief,

Well, with a stay at home wife and three children myself (one of them attending private school off post because of how bad the Middle School is here) unfortunately most of the planning gets allocated to our TSP. So we will find a way. It's not after graduation I am concerned with because I know the benefit from a financial standpoint, but it is "before" graduation I wish I had more knowledge of. Whether you're a E-4 or an E-7, $500-$800 for 5 weeks is a hefty chunk of money. We can plan...I just wish I knew more than "maybe $300...or maybe $1000". Thanks again!
Nomar62277, WOCS is can be expensive depending upon how prepared you come. I recently graduated (6 May) and the cost of class varied per person. Below is a list of things that you will have to pay for:

Class Coin: $10+ (depends on number ordered)
Class T-Shirt: $15+
Alteration: $60+ (Depending on condition of ASU)
Staff Ride: $15
Charity: $xx (voted on by class)
Haircut: $150 +/- (Averaged out)

If you buy new uniforms that is totally on you, but other than that the few necessities that are required will not come out to $1000. Again depending on how prepared you come.

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