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A couple of years ago at my Soldier of the Quarter Board I was asked what the tip of the guidon is called. Now its been a couple of years and i cant remember. If any one knows what it is called it would be great. Thank you

SGT Strouse
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it is called a spear point and is in section 5.29 of the link i just posted. thank you for that one though, it will only prepare me more for my soldier of the quarter board tomorrow.

EDIT: once again i failed to pay attention to detail. the site i linked is for an australian army standard. your answer will definitely be somewhere in AR 840-10 though
per the AR 840-10 it is called the "Finial" or the Flagstaffs head. There are four of them.
(1) Eagle (Presidential flagstaffs).
(2) Spearhead (The spearhead is the only device used with Army flags).
(3) Acorn (Markers and marking pennants flagstaffs.)
(4) Ball (Outdoor wall mounted for advertising or recruiting.)

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