I am a Drill sergeant and I have been being mistreated abd belittled by my 1sg for 7 months. I brought it to the attention of my CSM and asked to be moved he said he would fix it and that i couldn't move. Instead of fixing it a packet was started to remove my hat and badge which after talking to the brigade CSM it was stopped and I was moved but now they are giving me a 4-4 NCOER. I spoke with my congressman and a congressional is ongoing. I need to know what i can do. While i was being counseled for argueing with 1sg i told him i would like to speak with legal before i sign it because it was inaccurate. he asked how it was inaccurate and i tried to explain and instead he told me to "shut up and get the f@#$ out" and wrote "sm refused to sign. can that be used? What else can I do?
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That is toxic? Then my Army drills in 83 and Marine DIs in 87 were way off the chart. They f:$;Jed us up daily. I will go to IG about your NCOER. Seems like you opened a huge can of worms.
Ok Toxic My Have Been A Bad Choice But I Needed A Title To Get People To Read So I Can Get Good Feed Back. This Guy Is Ruining My Career Because Of A Personal Grudge. I Could Use Some Outside Input.
What was inaccurate? Remember, if you refuse to sign, it can still be sumbitted with a bullet in the senior comments stating you refused to sign. Go see the IG if you think you are not getting a fair shake and start reviewing the appeals process. Even if you get through this, you may have opened up a can of worms that will follow you for the rest of your career as the TheWiseChief stated. What MOS are you?
I am a 13B. The fact that he stated everything that had happened was not the way it went down. I did not refuse to sign. I told him I wanted to speak with legal before I signed anything else which I checked and I was well within my rights to do
To get accurate help on your NCOER we need to know:

Wwhat the derogatory bullets are and in which blocks on the 2166 they are placed?

How are these bullets wrong and what evidence can you bring forward to refute these items?

What does your Sr. Rater say about the evaluation of the Rater (the 1SG is your rater I assume?) Do the Rater and Sr. Rater agree on your markings?

If they dont agree talk to your reviewer, this is their place to step in and fix the situation.

If the Rater and Sr Rater agree, you are pretty much SOL, and the paperwork will be processed :-/

Look into DA PAM 623-3 and the appeals process (the DA PAM details it better than the AR).

The bottom line is that unless the ASG members know the specifics, then we cannot help you.

Addtionally, if you cannotbring forth documented evidence that the bullets are incorrect or marks are placed too low, then you might be SOL. Rememeber the appeals are hardly ever won byt he ratee and the key to being successful is DOCUMENTATION and proving to a panel of uninformed third party individuals that this happened... trust me its harder than you will ever know.

Good luck and hope it works out!

P.S. You stated there are personal grudges between yourself and the 1SG but in the future learn to pick your battles, and how to get along with someone PROFESSIONALLY that you might not like PERSONALLY.

I will be the first to tell you that 90% of the people at my current assignement dislike me PERSONALLY (Im a hardass in an Air Froce world) BUT they all will chose me first on any assignement/task because they respect me PROFESSIONALLY.

Always remember wherever you go from here, keeping yout boss/rater happy is one of the most importatnt things you can do. Im not telling you to kiss ass or suck up, im jsut saying know your raters quirks and make sure you dont piss him/her off. Being on your raters good side while not being a suck-ass will go long ways in the future.
Were you counseled on a quarterly basis? did it have all the deficiencies listed on your quarterly counselings and how to fix it??
Just like Trans asked, was the first thing that came to my mind:
2166-8-1 reflecting 4/4s and ways to improve?
What does Sr. Rater say?
Any other proof to back up/justify his 4/4

I would definitely go to IG and then rebuttal it with CSM. As stated above, 623-3 states how to proceed with all this.
Sorry this is going down, but at least your reaching out to get some good advice. The guys here on ASG are at times rough, but almost always right. Take what you can get from here and I hope you come out ahead.
Oh yeah, I used to be a 13B in 82nd, '00-'03 so I understand your 1SG's mentality.
Sorry to hear about your situation, Drill.

These 4/4's seem to be contagious around here. Do what you gotta do. It's your career. As far as mine went, I had to let my CSM know about some things that went on, and my ridiculous 4/4 is being pulled back and redone.

If I can offer my two cents, I would say keep some kind of record of any negative engagements with you and your rater. You never know when such information may come in handy.

Good luck.

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