I am a 15 year old Sphmore at my High school and plan on joining the military. I adimit that I am overweight (75in and 269) and was wondering if anyone could give me a strict training regiment so that I might be better able to cope with the standards of the military. I gladly thank anyone who is willing to help me.
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If you want to get into shape, start a workout program and be consistent with it. If you want to lose weight I recommend listening or reading Anthony Robbins "Personal Power". Making a decision to do something means that you will commit to it. Set a goal and work toward it. Start your training light. Do easy jogs, lift weights, get used to doing push ups and sit ups. Google for "FM 21-20". This is the Army's Physical Fitness Manual, it can give you some more ideas on workout plans. Try jogging 2 or 3 times a week and lifting weights twice a week. Time your miles after you build endurance, then push yourself to tie or break it. Figure out your maximum's when lifting weights; have a spotter help you at first. Here's my workout plan: Lift weights on Monday(Chest, Biceps,Triceps and sit-ups) Run on Tuesday(At least 3 miles sometimes 6 depending on which week) Roadmarch on Wednesday(at least 3 miles sometimes 18 depending on which week)Thursday I swim or ride a bike(stationary)Friday I lift weights(Lats, shoulders, forearms, lower back and leg raises)Saturday I run (same as Tuesday) Sunday I Roadmarch(same as Wednesday).This is a lot of activity to do, you must allow you body sometime to recover between workouts. It's called the "Hard Day, Easy Day" workout plan. Don't workout everyday if you don't have too, I was getting ready for Army training. Hope this helps!!!
I can give you some advice, but I havn't needed to lose weight myself.

My workout routine consists of :

Wake up at 5:30.
Run about 2 miles at a constant pace for a warm up(16:30-18:00).
Hit the gym at around 5:50-6:00
Do upper body/abs
Jog home(1 mile)

Wake up at 5:30
Sprint-Walk(Run full out for 30 seconds, walk for 60 seconds, run full out for 30 seconds, walk for 60 seconds. Variations of this as your times progress.) Do that for about 2 miles.
Stop at a park or area were you can rest.
Pushup/Situp PT

Wake up 5:30
Run 4 miles

Wake up 5:30
Jog to the gym. 1 mile.
Upper body/abs
Jog to the park. 3/4 mile
Pushup/Situp PT

Wake up 5:30
Run 2 miles best time(Aim for lower then 16:30)
Optional : Run 1 mile best time around 9PM

The gym upperbody focuses on building muscle mass, remember to use small reps with heavy weights rather then many reps with lighter reps.

The pushup/situp pt focuses on building endurance/tone and getting comfortable with your decreasing or increasing bodyweight.

Remember muscle weighs more then fat so you might want to run a bit more and do less upperbody if you want to lose weight.

Also remember that the biggest and most beneficial change you can make for basic is running, you will gain endurance, lose weight which will mean you wont need as much muscle to get over obstacles, and burn more calories then upperbody. Thats probably what your going to be doing most of the time in basic but I wouldn't know.

I'm not a personal trainer or anything, but all I know is that I havn't ran in about 2 years and after a week of this my personal best for 2 miles improved by 4 minutes.

Also ask your recruiter for an army fitness manual, or something like that theyre little pocket books which contain workout routines.

Hope this helps in some way.
Make sure that whatever you're doing is healthy. You shouldn't be losing more than about 2 lbs a week. Probably more so the first few weeks since it's a shock to your system.

Most important part of losing weight-- a realistic diet. Don't starve yourself, just eat intelligently. As far as lifting weights--it's a good idea, since it will really increase metabolism, but you have to mix high weight/low reps and low weight/high reps.

And just my opinion-- go for body composition rather than a target weight. I realize the Army is still using the 50's body fat test, but I'm technically overweight and I pass the tape every time. Something to keep in mind.

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