Training Holidays in WLC? (Ft. Hood)

I am supposed to start WLC on Wednesday, and found out only a few days ago. I had already planned on (and bought tickets for) my fiance to come down over this 4day (fri-mon)... I was told WLC might actually allow us the training holiday, or at least partially. Does anyone have any guidance on this?
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Spc New, It's all dependent on the Commandant of that post WLC. I have seen some WLC's actually allow Soldiers to go home at the end of the training day. I have seen some get weekends off. And I have seen some go every day for the full month. Just call the Cadre at the Carson WLC.
Hate to tell you but if you do the math and look at the dates in ATRRS, no days off. Have three PFC's going that are a bit disappointed that they are loosing the 4 day as well. But we will make it up to them when they graduate.

If it makes it any better, the first night your there is lock down. Every night after that you can go home for the evening on the old schedule. Might be the same.
You know what I'm pissed. I went during 4th of July...we got NO days off, not Sunday, not the evenings, not nothing. We slept in the barracks every night, even for the soldiers stationed on Knox. And on the 4th, we got a 4 hour pass, and had to come back and go to chow at the DFAC for lunch, in the middle of the pass. Mad
well just an update, battalion took their sweet time in submitting my packet and i ended up not going, and spent the weekend with my lovely fiance. All that stuff aside, if anyone else is trying to reference this information you DO NOT get weekends off, i saw WLC students on saturday and sunday marching... whew

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