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I am scheduled to go to ARC on 24 JUN 13 to 09 AUG 13. One of the concerns I had about this course was the distance from the hotel to the school and the other areas of training. Is there anyone there now that knows how this works? The reason this is a concern is that I will be flying in to the school and won't have my POV with me. I was sent a DTS memo from the school with info that included that in and around mileage was not authorized and that GOVs would be available for use. Is there anyone on here that knows more about this than I do? Thank you in advance for you time and assistance.
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I'm here now and graduate on Friday. We were told we were the last class staying on post, everyone that has arrived since is staying at an off post Holiday in like 15-20 minutes away, they are double bed rooms so expect to have a roommate which could work out in your favor if they drive. Every class gets a GOV van or two depending on the amount of students without vehicles, for us they designated one person to drive the entire course length, if at all possible I recommend driving so you don't have to depend on somebody for grocery trips or anything else.
thank you for the response, I do have reservations for a holiday inn that's near the base, I was just hoping to get details about how other students like myself would be going to and from the class without a POV. Thank you for you help, I greatly appreciate the response. If there is anyone that reads this with any more information, feel free to add. I'm going into this class with little to no knowledge and this discussion board site has been more helpful than anything the RTR team has sent me
Also, on my first day there ,y flight is scheduled to land at 1204 hrs and I plan on going to the hotel to check in and store my belongings. Is there anyone on here that knows how the first day students will be getting to BLDG 10000 during the afternoon? My welcome letter says to report there at 1630 in PTs with a folder containing required documentation. Anyone have any advice? I'm more worried about the first day or two than the rest of the class, I'm sure I'll figure things out after that, I just don't like being in the dark at first.
No problem. There is more then enough time to finish everything, in the seven weeks I did everything thing in class minus a assignment we had just referencing a USAREC manual it was easy just time consuming the average time was like four hours to complete. there really isn't any studying required, all test are multiple choice, and all PEs are through blackboard also multiple choice and you can work together to finish, there is a due date on them but not a start date so you can do them all in one day if you wanted. Week 1-3 was usually 0800-1730ish with 0530 PT formation on MWF. Week 4-7 somedays 0600 in class till 1700, we did PT three times total those weeks, the days drag on but it is a breeze we started with 54? and lost maybe four for test failures. The standard is 80% here so below is a failure. CTRL F is the key to success.
The first day you show up do height and weight, and fill out your PT card, and get a overview, also get assigned to your peer groups "squad" as for getting there not sure taxi I suppose. all we turned in was the DTS orders, everything else you scan in, it is actually a grade to upload all source documents like accident avoidance and recruiter development program cert. that whole first week is just brief after brief no real work being done, your first Wednesday will be the PT test.
it should have been mentioned in the email HRC sent saying you were selected. Its like an SSD course for recruiting you do it in ALMS if you don't get it done prior, you'll have to do it here its pretty short though, they will also have you do the skillport Microsoft course where you do just the basic course for Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook, I want to say we had two weeks to complete them and upload the certificates
ok, thank you, I definitely had no information provided to me about this. Also, a quick question about the GTC. In the welcome letter it said to ensure that your GTC is in the PCS program. I spoke with my GTC rep and they said not to worry about it and I didn't need it. I was wondering if this was true?
for the on post hotels we just had to turn in our orders, so we never had to use the GTC it was billed directly to the school, but we didn't get full per diem either, just what it costs to eat at the chow hall daily. I know the off post guys get full per diem but not sure how the lodging is being paid for.
that's weird, so I went into ALMS I can see it in my training but when I searched for it, it didn't show for me either. You guys might not have to do it anymore, that's probably why you haven't heard of it before. It was mentioned in the prerequisites of every email I received pertaining to the course
No problem, the best advice to survive here is play by big boy rules, two counselings and your done we lost a student today, with one day and a wake up left, because he was late this morning. All grading was done Monday. it can be two for anything, no hair cut, being late, disrespect to peer group leaders, the course is easy its not playing the TRADOC game that gets you dropped it seems
I will also be in the class from 24 June to 9 Aug. I am bringing my POV and driving in from Texas. The only thing I am worried about is the test, since I am not a test wizard. I have seen in the other forums that the people that fell the test are the ones that do on purpose cause they don't want to be there. I am ready for this class to begin.
Do you still get the weekends off or is it a 7 day per week course?
Don't sweat the test, they are multiple choice, and open regulation, if your still stuck after those just raise your hand the instructors will "steer" you in the right direction. The failures just didn't ask for help. Acting like privates is what gets the majority sent home. We've had every weekend off and a four day in the middle of the course.
I made contact with the school today. For all students that are staying off post for the school, they will be at the Holiday Inn, 8105 Two Notch Rd, Columbia SC 29223. You have to call 803-736-5600 to verify your reservation. I will be flying in and I was directed by the school staff to take a taxi from the airport to the hotel. Then another taxi to the school from the hotel to Building 10000 on the first day to report by 1630 for inprocessing. I was told that after inprocessing we will be provided with transportation back to the hotel via GOV. We will be reporting in IPFUs.
Anyone on here know about putting your GTC into the PCS Program? The Welcome Letter states, "Ensure you are enrolled in the GTC PCS program while you have a zero balance - your GTC representative will assist you with this process". I will also be asking this question in the open forum.
Dont have a GTC yet, my damn reserve unit back home won't approve me to get one since I officially dont have reason to travel more than twice for the Army. Thanks for the specific hotel SGT Will. I am not quite as involved in the process as you are but I am trying to get as much info as I can. I still have about three months before I come home from my deployment. If my application gets accepted for recruiting I am going to be in the same boat as you are without a POV.
we did rehearsals today from start to finish, we have to be checked out of the hotel by 0630, which means everything out of the room also, the flying guys are storing their stuff in a locker room next to where we graduate. 0715 is our hard time to be seated in the auditorium in ASUs. The graduation is combined with the station commanders course they have nine and we have about 45 soldiers now. it begins at 0800 and we have been assured multiple times our NLT release time is 09:22 we get our 1059s before kickoff so once they present the class at the end we are out. As for movement to airport its all on the individual most guys are getting rides from the guys that drove, the airport is only like a 15 minute drive the others cabs. and the GOV van is turned in like two days prior. they wouldn't let anyone stay an extra day either so you have to fly the day of graduation. Ill give confirmations on times tomorrow evening. The whole double room thing sucks a lot of the other classes have been complaining of not enough room as in drawer and closet space so you might want to pack lite, but keep in mind the last three weeks is role playing so your in civilians like every other day depending on your schedule. the welcome letter mentions class As but they won't let you walk in them, unless your a big guy with some crazy jacket size you'll get ASUs issued to you and ready in time for graduation.
11B, no problem, and good luck. I hope you can figure everything out. I know that I'm definitely glad I found this site, it has helped me immensely. Much thanks to you SGT Eversole! You've been a great resource of information about the class, I'm very grateful that you posted on here! Congrats on finishing the class, be safe in your travels
No problem guys, thanks! your time will be here before you realize, these 7 weeks FLEW by, don't hesitate to ask anything else. oh I saw on another post asking about the PT test, the track is three laps and they use the big digital clock, all you need to pass is bare minimum, but there is and Iron Soldier award at the end for highest score its a certificate of achievement. we had two since they both scored a 300
So graduation ended on time I was leaving the parking lot for home at 0930. And an update they did end up letting the guys with greens walk. As for the 1059s I think within the last year they started it, they said it was so the guys failing on purpose would receive a negative one, they are all generic though, as long as you don't get sent home, the only ones different are for the awards and that's only a bullet different.
Yes, 11B I am a reservist going into the AGR program. If I understand correctly it is a 3 year tour and than you are put back into reserves in your regular duty MOS. I still have not found out where I will be stationed after school though. I thought the AGR found out prior to going to school.
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I'm leaving for Army Recruiter School August 12 any advice?? My main concern is PT Test!! Not quite sure I'll pass 2 mile run!!

Then you will get a bad 1059, from what I hear they do that now...when I went, you could fail the PT test, fail tape, refuse to train, fail the final exam, and still graduate (we had pretty much one of each of those in my class and they all graduated)...

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