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Ive recently reclassed to 15W. My school date isn't for a while, as of now, but I was wondering how travel works for this transition. The school is roughly 8-9 months(multi-phase training). Married SM with children. Any shared experience with this would be great. Thanks
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google JFTR.

If the school is long enough (21weeks?) you will have to PCS the family. Then PCS when you're done.

Otherwise it will be TDY enroute- they'll pay for your travel there, barracks/hotel/whatever and meals, then travel back home or to the new duty station.
@AutobahnSHO - yep you nailed it...

@JulietTangoBravo - most likely you will receive PCS orders since the school is over 6 months. Usually a PCS for reclass will have in your orders for your family to travel with you, BUT you may have a chance to relocate your family to the next duty station, or leave them at your current duty station while you are in school. It is all about what your Orders say when you receive them, and any options they may talk to you about.

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