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Me and my wife are dual military active army. She just deployed wed on the 5th of may and i have been asking around but no one seems to know the answer. are their any army regs that say i cannot go to afghan as a civ and visit her? i know all i need to go their is a passport and some other documents but on the army side is this possible?
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also i will be double stacking with her when i leave in feb of next year. so i will leave 2 mo before she comes back. its a real bummer and im trying to leave this unit before we get locked in but they are fighting it as i apparently am very "valuable". i am out of slot and overstrength.
Have you ever been there???

The trickiest part will be travelling without orders once you get to Afghanistan. You can't just show up at the airport or gate without reason to be there.

The 2nd trick is finding a place to stay. It's really not safe for an American at any of the 'regular' hotels, and again, you need orders to stay on-base. Pretty much every bunk on post is full most of the time.

Have her talk to the liasons or whoever and see what can be done. You might have better luck meeting her in Qatar on pass or leave. Again, you can't just walk on base without some kind of documentation. (I doubt a DA31 would cut it, but you can try.!)

You might ask the USAF about "space A" travel, maybe you COULD get there that way.
It's just risky coming home, I'd take like 2months leave for a 2week trip. Wink
(it can take that long to move around theater.)
its nice to see other signal soldiers im a 25c no i have not and my wife will be in kandahar. what ype of papers do you need? a military id should be all that is needed to get on kandahar base... i would also only spend a few days there. i currently work at a brigade S6 so we have alot of pull but at the same time im uncertain of how to approach.
Just so you know...your chances of getting leave approved right now for Afghanistan are slim to none. Don't mean to burst your bubble but it is far too dangerous to be over there on orders let alone on leave. Good luck though. I would try for Qatar like the previous post stated.
AR 600-8-10 para 8-3 states that any competent authority SHOULD not approve your leave.

"He or she could become a likely target of interest by virtue of, or status with, the U.S. Army."

But it's possible since AR doesn't forbid it. But no sensible command is going to approve your leave, unless your are in like special ops unit and you are one of the operators. I have heard of stories Smiler Since you have to ask, I am assuming you are not.

But let's say your leave gets approved. I am sure you won't have trouble getting on base. If American Soldier shows up on base, any post commander will let you in (you might have to wait like 10 hrs at the gate.) You get in I am sure. But they might not let you back out. LOL. Well, have fun either way.
I can say from my time downrange, that NEVER EVER EVER did we have a soldier on post that was not stationed there or passing through for a mission. I know if I was working an ECP, I would be thrown for a loop if a soldier came up asking for access to post with an ID card and a DA31. Again, if you truly value your safety, life and your wife, I WOULD NOT take leave in Afghanistan. Read the news. What do you think your chances are of even arranging safe transportation to a FOB let alone even making it out of the airport. Just as we are suspicious of Middle Easterners entering our country for odd reasons, so will the Afghani government be of you. There have been Americans who have joined the Taliban.

Put alot of thought into this before you make a decision. If you can't go this long without seeing your wife, how will you do when it's your turn to deploy?
If you haven't noticed, the Army is all about paperwork and mindless rules. Yes all we had to have was an ID card to get into the gate, but we were in uniform in government vehicles.

I was in Kabul (the capitol) and was thinking about the hotels there. Lots of journalists and foreigners, and it's STILL not safe. I SERIOUSLY 99.999999% DOUBT there are ANY safe places to stay in Kandahar, and trust me, the bases are so small and tight that within a day people would be asking questions about you hanging out.

PLUS, when do you think your wife will have time to "hang out"? Work shifts are 12hrs/7days a week lots of times. If not MORE.

Once you deploy you'll understand why it is the contractors get paid 2-3times as much to work over there as the same job anywhere else in the world. You'll know why we had to lock and load everytime we drove out the gate.

You just can't imagine anything like it until you've experienced it. Wink

PS- Your Bde S6 has about as much pull in this as my cousin. (who isn't in the Army. Smiler ) They might know who to talk with but aren't really going to be able to make it happen for you.
PFC P... you would not be able to just show up at a foward operating base with an id and say let me in. I promise. Combat isnt like Ft. Bragg. i understand u miss your wife, but guess what so does every other spouse. There is NO chance of you getting leave to go over there, i promise. That shit would make army times front page as well as every other new paper in the world if you died while on leave to afghanistan. no commander in their right mind would ever let that happen. just saying.
oh and another thing, you saying that you arent worried about being safe as a random american soldier on his own in afghanistan shows that you really just need to stay put in bragg. you obviously have no idea what goes on at war. esp. these 2 going on now.. insurgents know no rules.

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