I travel over 200 miles to drill. Are they suposed to get me a hotel or do I have to get one on my own? Also Should I get travel pay. I havnt gone to drill to ask yet but I just joined. Any help would be great.
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The Guard Warriors were second class citizens. I hope that has changed since 2008 - when homeless Guard veterans were living in the Armories, sleeping on cots, flying under the radar. They took care of each other when no one else would. I hope your Guard experience lives up to your expectations. Best wishes.
Being in the Guard is tough...there is only one Guard MP unit in the state of VIrginia and it was 4 hours from my home of record.

I worked as a waitress at the time and it was hard taking days off before and after drill because of the long drive.

I stayed with friends, hotels, or on Camp Pendalton near my unit when there was space available. I wish I knew now that I could have written it off...I didn't back then.

If you find out anything else, please post it here. More soldiers need access to that information.
That would be great ASGAdmin and Guard: You are right - so many on here would appreciate the info. Love the Guard - Go Guard!
Wanted to add something - five Army Generals yesterday promised a thorough investigation into complaints that National Guard troops returning from Iraq got second class treatment at Joint Base Lewis-McChord to make way for the base's active duty brigades coming home from war this summer.

It's in this article http://www.thenewstribune.com/2010/05/19 out of the newspaper in Tacoma, WA.

I could give you first hand info how in many circumstances the returning Guard is treated but I can't - I signed a confidential out of court agreement.

Guard is not Weekend Warriors - they are Warriors, period. I am not saying I know anything about treatment at Fort Lewis - I do not. My experiences were elsewhere.

Go Army!
Yeah well I am geting out of the army gaurd and joining the Air Gaurd. They provide hotels and meals free of charge. Go Air Force.

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