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I'd like to go from Active Duty to a Reserve unit as an SMP cadet. I know there's a USAR unit locator website, but it it's very vague on the units listed in the area I'm looking for (southeast Los Angeles). Does anyone know of any good units in that area?

Also, any advice you can give me on transition would be appreciated. I talked to a reserve recruiter and he was unsure of how that works going from active to reserve as an ROTC cadet.

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You have to submit an ROTC packet and be accepted as a cadet. The best thing to do is go from Active to Reserve as enlisted and then submit your ROTC packet.

What MOS do you have now and what branch do you want go into? I'm in Los Angeles and can assist with finding a unit for you.
I'm actually going through the Green to Gold program right now. If things go smoothly, I should have my orders in the next month or two with my ETS date pushed up to August.

I'm currently a 25 series. I have no idea what branch I want to be as an officer. I figured I could see what everyone else was going for in ROTC. As long as it isn't combat arms (no offense to those guys) I probably wouldn't care. If it ends up being CA, so be it, I'll be happy to take what I can get.
You won't be CA in the Reserves so don't worry about that. In the LA area there are units in transportation/logistics, medical (CSH, USAH, MSU), MP, aviation, MI, etc. As a 2LT, you shouldn't have a problem finding a unit but as you progress in rank, you may have to do some traveling for monthly Battle Assemblies.

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